Lego Marvel Avengers announced!

Lego Marvel Avengers announced!

Yesterday Marvel released the first trailer for Lego Marvel Avengers


Two Years ago Lego Marvel Heroes was released, now Marvel has released the trailer for the indirect sequel with what appears to be less features and less characters.

The trailer – released for the game yesterday – seemed to suggest that Lego Marvel Avengers will follow the plot from both of the Avengers movies. The game trailer features the ability to play as all the Avengers as they fight against Loki and the Chitauri in the battle of New York.

Watch the trailer here:

Fans of the series are concerned however, as the trailer doesn’t seem to showcase the vast range of character and original storyline of the first game. This seems to mostly be caused by Marvel’s new policy to remove the Fantastic Four and the X-Men from their merchandise.
The first game had an original plot involving the Marvel Universe fighting against the planet destroying entity Galactus, with levels dedicated to both Fantastic Four and the X-Men.
There has been speculation the game might have more levels dedicated to the classic comic book history of Avengers which could be interesting. We could see levels based on Secret Wars, Civil War, the Korvac Saga and the Kree/Skrull War, which would be amazing for both fans and newcomers as it would help the new movie fans to understand the history of everyone’s favourite super hero team.
Lego has always continued to increase the amount of playable heroes in their games so expect to seen some serious d-list super heroes and villains. I’m looking forward to the likes of Wonderman, Moondragon and Cosmos the space dog.
In recent years Lego has made a lot of money with its movie tie-in games so I think it’s time for them to crack the TV game market, maybe they could start with Breaking Bad
Lego Breaking Bad:


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