The reason why Valentino Rossi is a legend

The reason why Valentino Rossi is a legend

“Yellow community” gathers hundreds of thousands of supporters around the world. I found out in London the reason why Valentino Rossi is a legendary motorcyclist.

When I moved to London last September on 13th Thursday, my host family invited me to drink a cup of tea in the kitchen.

I was a little bit shy because I didn’t know anything about these people. But when I went there, my attention was captured by Valentino Rossi posters.

I said to myself: “I am at home.” I would have never thought to find these big poster in an English family. Instead I realised an Italian landmark had nestled in a small house. I asked to William and Roseanne: “Do you like Valentino Rossi?”.

They replied promptly: “Yes, we do. Valentino Rossi is our idol!”

To be honest, I have never been a hardcore fan of him, but living here I understood the reason why hundreds of thousands of supporters flock to the tracks to follow him and millions more watch him on TV all around the world.

Obviously, for his charismatic personality.

“I appreciate his sense of humor and his talent. Other motorcycle racers want to win only to become famous, while Valentino loves what he does and that is the key factor that drives him forward,” William told me.

“You are Italian and you should be proud to be represented by Valentino Rossi around the world,” he added.

William gave me his autobiography, What If I Had Never Tried It: “Read this book and you will understand the reason why he is considered a myth.”

I started to read through and I was  fascinated by his story. There are also some pictures with captions which reveal his big passion.

“Minicross was my first passion. But when I started racing mini-motorbikes, which looked like miniature GP bikes, well, that’s when I realised I had a passion for speed.”

Another quote: “My mum always followed me, ever since the earliest races. Even today, we talk all the time when I am at  a race. On the phone, she always tells me, to be good.”

I began to be interested in Valentino Rossi’s character. I remember that my auntie, Giusy once told me: “I love Valentino Rossi because while he is riding, he enjoys like a child.  Nobody can’t resist his enthusiasm!

“I am willing to wake up during the night to watch his race.”

From this big fan, her daughter – my cousin – is a Vale lover too. How could it be otherwise?

“My mother  was a Giacomo Agostini fan and after she fell in love with Valentino Rossi. I grew up with a passion for MotoGp,” Ilaria told me.

“It is something that it can’t be explained in a few words. When I started to watch races, I was curious to understand dynamics and to find out how many risk there are, riding curves on a motorcycle.”

She added: “Living in Abu Dhabi, I had the possibility to attend 2015 MotoGP full race in Qatar. It was so exciting to stay there with ‘yellow community’.”

Here she is doing her best motorcycle impression.
Here she is doing her best motorcycle impression.

“There were many people from around the world because his talent is appreciated by everybody. If you love motorcycles, you must love a pilot who is able to win nine times a world competition.

“I strongly believe that Valentino Rossi is the best Italian ambassador around the world.”

Talking about Valentino Rossi with an expert motorcyclist, Mattia Ottaviano, he said: “Despite I am not a big fan of him, I have to recognize his talent.

“He created the trend to put a feet outside the platform to balance curves. Valentino is unquestionably a legendary motorcyclist!”

And now, I think it too!

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