2016, The Real Year of Technology

2016, The Real Year of Technology

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In the year of 1989 the film Back to the Future II showed that in 2015 there would be flying cars, flying skateboards and another advanced technologies. You may have noticed that many of the technological trends shown in the film are common nowadays.

Several of those fantasies became reality. The flying skateboard, known as the hoverboard, has many companies scrambling around with protoypes in order to be the first successfully manufactured around the world.

Car company Lexus have managed to make an invention similar to the hoverboard, they call Slide, launched in August this year. The difference is that the slide needs the help of metal track rails to levitate, that is, a magnetic levitation.

Superconductors (materials which when submitted to very low temperatures have no electrical resistance), working together with magnets at low temperatures makes the magnetic field not grip, generating levitation. This is only the beginning, the early movements toward creating an equal skateboard to the one seen in the film.

It takes time for an invention to be perfect, a lot of investment, studies and people are involved.
Many things seen in the film have not happened in the year of 2015, but that doesn’t rule it out as technology can advance at such speed. For example, the self drying jacket idea that the character Marty McFly uses has been adopted by the American company Falyon Wearable Tech.

Their project is being funded by Kickstarter, the largest crowdfunding site in the world, which supports innovative projects like this jacket. The company only needs to raise more money to put the idea forward. At least the campaign exist. SDJ – 01 (which stands for Self Drying Jacket) comes with a button that activates the ventilation system. Pressing this button will trigger the fans and extraction fans causing a strong current of air to circulate throughout the jacket, drying it in a minute. Besides having rechargeable battery, the jacket has eight pockets especially made to keep smartphones and tablets.

Though not all the ideas make the production line it does not mean that they should all be thrown away, they at least deserve credit. The next year, 2016, already promises innovative projects like the movie did.

Israel has an innovative design that can really solve problems and change the lives of public transport. Manufacturer of aerospace and aeronautical products, Israel Aerospace, intend to start using a new service called The Skytran at the end of 2016. It is a pilot project of flying taxis. The plan is to use vehicles powered by electricity but there are also studies to see if you can deploy solar panels in order for the vehicles to powered by the sun.

Mankind’s fascination with the science of technology is remarkable in a constant bid to make fantasies a reality. Every year new technologies appear that we thought absurd in the past. There is no reason to underestimate the ability of the mind to imagine and create.

Let’s see the technological wonders next year will bring.

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