My top 7 YouTube Channels of 2015

My top 7 YouTube Channels of 2015

How alternate media has come to stay

Almost everyone on planet earth knows YouTube, it is easily the most popular video sharing website known to mankind. It has launched careers, it has launched businesses, already established businesses and media cooperations use it to promote their businesses.

You can practically educate your mind through content uploaded by it’s content producers. You can learn how to make a proper Sunday roast, you can also learn how to cook Ofe Egusi (Locust Beans soup – an Eastern Nigerian delicacy). You can learn and polish your artistic skills if you aspire to be the next Picasso or Bruce Onobrakpeya – I’m not certain you can learn how to be the next Psy, songs like Gangnam Style just happen, you can also learn about the modern innovative uses of human waste.

Good Mythical Morning

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This channels is operated by two childhood friends and former engineers known simply as Rhett and Link. They are one of the most creative duos of youtube with nearly 10 million subscribers and they make videos about things you never even thought about. Both worked as engineers after graduating from college, but they soon retired and focused solely on making their youtube videos which goes viral on a regular basis. They also include their viewers subtly into their show, by getting them to say their names and country of residence, followed by the popular phrase: ” It’s time to spin the wheel of mythicality”.

Bovi Ugboma & BasketMouth

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Bovi and Basketmouth are individual Nigerian stand-up comedians and actors. I decided to merge both because of how closely related their portfolios are. When they are not on a comedy tour, they are making short videos through their respective channels on YouTube. Their skits are in English with an infusion of Pidgin-English. .

Dj Akademiks

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I first thought he was the new Dj Khalid of the States when I stumbled across his channel. I expected him to be mixing hits on YouTube, but he is a YouTube personality who makes videos with in-depth analysis on the state of hip hop and all that concerns it. He is very versed with the culture, this can be seen through his sub channel called the War in Chiraq. A lot of people don’t know him yet, but he helped Drill music with free adverts through his contents. He produces commentaries on events about inner city Chicago which he calls ”Coonery”. To my best understanding, he helped populariSe the slogan ”Savage” beyond the borders of the United States which a lot of people use today. He even gave a Chicago rapper a name which the rapper went on to tattoo on himself.

Mark Angel Comedy

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You can learn the art of comedy but some comedians are special. I don’t think we all feel the same way but when I see a gifted comedian, they have a particular look which aids their craft and it is mind blowing. Think about those comedians who have only just stepped on the stage without uttering a word, the audience are already laughing. To me, that is a complete comedian. This YouTube channel is managed by Mark Angel, who often stars alongside the young Emmanuela and other guests appearances. They make comedy skits, using everyday occasions which goes viral steadily.

Slow Mo Guys


When the slow mo guys first came out with their videos, it was as if they brought people closer to an occurrence which we wouldn’t be able to see with the naked eyes. Their show first aired on 3rd November 2010. They have amassed over 7.2 million subscribers with 100 million of views. It is science based with a little blend of comedy brought about through the friendship of the hosts, Similar to what you’d find between the hosts of the Mythical Morning Show.


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This channel was founded in 2010 by Michael Stevens and it has close to 10 millions YouTube subscribers who have viewed the channel’s contents nearly 1 billion times. This channel is dedicated to answering very complex questions which are philosophical and scientific at the same time. You can dive into a short video on the science of awkwardness or puzzling questions like, did the past really happen?


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This is the 7th most popular YouTube channel at the moment, they have over 10.5 million subscribers who have viewed their videos nearly 200 million times. This channel provides a well put together top 10 list about society and pop culture. You can be educated on topics like top 10 J.cole songs to what happened at Chernobyl.

Gone are the days people disregarded alternative media as a form of entertainment, it has proven that it is here to stay as it continues to generate billions of dollars, pounds, naira, cedis – okayyyyyyyyyy….. You can insert whatever currency you desire as long as you don’t insert the Zimbabwe dollars or the Vietnamese dong.

Some people rarely watch mainstream tv these days. Maybe it is because you can skip adverts on alternative media like a big kahuna. This is why you hear millennials and young adults say ”Netflix and chill” as opposed to Emerdale and brunch. What are your favourite YouTube channels or other forms of alternative forms of media which you enjoy?

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