6 Annoying frequently asked questions gay men suffer

6 Annoying frequently asked questions gay men suffer

Irritating concerns that gay men wish would go away.

It is 2016 and for many people gay men are still viewed as alien creatures from another planet.

Even with all the progression of gays being featured in television, movies, magazines, sports, etc., gay men are still being asked forehead slapping questions. It’s as if a lot of people forget or have yet to realise that men who like the same-sex are just like them in almost every other way so therefore the abundance of questions are unnecessary. Okay…let’s take it further because its past unnecessary its utterly annoying and in various cases this unwanted interview can make things extremely awkward. Here is a list six FAQs that just get under the skin.


1. Did someone “touch you” when you were younger?

First of all what the hell type of perverted question is this! What do you mean “were you touched”?! Touched by the love of family, friends and GOD perhaps because that’s the only thing that should be on your mind when thinking this insane idea that gay men are who they are due to sexual abuse. Its sick and rude so stop asking this bullshit.


2. How do you know you don’t like being with women if you never tried?

Simple answer to this. The same way you could never see yourself with the same-sex is how a gay man feels about being with a woman. Until a straight woman or man who feels as if they need to ask this nonsense dives into homosexual activity, they can no longer ask gay men about heterosexual acts.

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3. So who is the man in the relationship?

Last time I checked a gay male relationship consisted of TWO men! It doesn’t matter if one is more masculine than the other or if both are masculine or feminine. If both individuals have a penis between their legs that’s enough to identify a male. This question discredits someones manhood just because they are gay and that’s wrong so please stop with the gender role constraints.


4. Are you the pitcher or the catcher?

Someone’s sex life isn’t baseball so don’t act like this is a game. Also, why does it matter what sexual role a man prefers? Are you having sex with them, no well okay then lets move on.


5. Will you be my Gay Best-Friend?

No and don’t ask again. Such an annoying question because the person asking doesn’t seem to necessarily care about the inner characteristics of what makes a guy who just happens to be gay. There focus is solely infatuated with the idealistic concepts of what having a gay best-friend might mean.


6. Do you know (enter random gay guy’s name)?

Yea since gay guys possess a magical gay phone book that holds every homosexual guy in the world. Ladies and gentleman not all gay people know each other, period.

I hope this list helped you understand which questions to never ask a gay guy and if you have made these mistakes, make sure you learn from this. Gay men are regular everyday citizens just like you, don’t be rude and overbearing with ignorance.


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