Why it’s a BAD idea to use MeowChat

Why it’s a BAD idea to use MeowChat

MeowChat is a very unpopular social networking site, and it's unpopular for many, many reasons.

If you’re a long-time Facebook user, surely you’ll remember the annoying MeowChat invites that caused you to get over one hundred notifications per day inviting you to join. If you managed to ignore them and decided not to join, be glad you didn’t.

What is MeowChat?
MeowChat is a social networking app for iPhone and Android where you create your own profile and post photos – the layout is a lot like Instagram, except you are being connected with complete strangers. You click on ”random chat” and you are connected with a complete stranger who is either near you or anywhere around the world. You ”fave” (follow) people and chat with them, too.

The one good thing I can say about MeowChat is that the layout is quite good, the design of the whole app is rather attractive. It’s not the creators of MeowChat (Minus) who have turned the app into the garbage that it has become, really, but rather the people who use it.

MeowChat is supposed to be a way to connect with different people and to meet new people around the world – because, let’s be honest, what’s better than meeting new friends and getting to know someone from a different country who has a completely different lifestyle to you? It’s fascinating. So, the intentions of MeowChat were pure and good. However, I’m sure Minus did not expect MeowChat to become what it is today. Of course, there are some things they could improve on, but most of it comes down to the users who have turned the social networking site into something that it isn’t supposed to be.

So, what exactly is wrong with MeowChat? Well, I can think of two main things that are completely wrong with the app, that Minus haven’t done enough about:

The app is a pornographic/dating site. 

There’s nothing more annoying than signing up for a new app in hopes that you will meet some new friends and filling out your profile to find that all the majority of the people on that app want is someone to have a flirty chat with. Scrolling down your page, all you can see is naked photos that MeowChat should ban and remove.Almost every message you get is asking for naked photos or asking if you’re single, because all the people are interested in on this app is someone to satisfy their sexual needs. Sure, you meet one nice person every once in a while, but it’s rare. And you have to go through all the strange people before you get to the nice ones, which can be very annoying!Have MeowChat done anything to stop this from happening? Well, they have tried, but there’s only so much they can do. It’s the users of an app that turn it into something that it’s not, MeowChat have nothing to do with how it has become. Of course, the app is made to speak to strangers, but it’s meant for you to connect with and meet new people, I highly doubt this is what Minus expected MeowChat to be.

The app has some horrible people on it. 

I have used Meow Chat for over a year now as I have met some people on there and it’s a good way to promote my writing and also quite a good time waster. But the more I think about it, the more I realise that I have met more horrible people than nice people on the social networking app. Now that I think about it, every single post I have uploaded has had at least one person comment something sarcastic or nasty – if it’s not a sexual innuendo, it’s a nasty comment. That’s in my experience, anyway. You’ll find mean people everywhere, sure, but a lot more often on MeowChat. So, have MeowChat done anything about this situation? No. In fact, I have come across a man who posts disgusting posts everyday including racism, sexism and jokes about mental illness. I have sent four emails to MeowChat complaining about the man and I have reported him twice and also blocked him – I never heard back from them. They never did anything. If that was Twitter or Instagram, he never would have got away with it. He would have been banned. But people can say what they want on MeowChat and get away with it.

I can’t say I’m the only one who regrets using this app; when I look around the Internet, not many people have nice things to say when it comes to the social networking app. I have recently deleted my account because of all of the issues and the people on it.

I’m not saying any of this is the fault of the people who created MeowChat, but I am saying that if you are thinking of joining this app – don’t. Nothing good comes from it. If you’ve already downloaded and signed up for the app, what did you think of it?


  1. Lol yea it has those people but idk I think most people on there are cool. However I am a dude and I feel like this is a problem for for girls than it is for dude, however after the 2066 (real figure) convos I have had I have made 1 very good friend, so I Dont regret it. Fave me @prodigiousmike

  2. Meowchat does need improving because lads on ther like sexting and I think that’s serious and I used to be on it and now I’m not because I got bullied by someone and I deactivated my account straight away and boys on do sexting which I think is very wrong and should be banned from the app and they ask for nude pics which is also wrong and they pressure you to do it and this should maybe be banned from the app

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