£1 Apple iPad Pad Air 2 Black Friday deal

£1 Apple iPad Pad Air 2 Black Friday deal

The madness of Black Friday has returned, at least this time in a more orderly fashion. Now that the bargain hunting Brits have become accustomed to the American tradition things seem a whole lot calmer compared to last year’s embarrassing fiasco.

Last year was nothing short of a display of what consumerism and greed is doing to our society, a truly ghastly spectacle that had us in stitches for the most part and in utter shock for the rest.

Away from the violence, or lack of it so far this year, there are some truly incredible deals knocking about. Telecommunications company are giving away the Apple iPad Air 2 for an incredible £1. This is the latest model from the iPad range going for a £1!!

The mobile phone firm are also giving away the HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Tab S2 for the same price.

In an intelligent move the company have decided to do a reverse auction, dubbed the O2 Price Crash,  meaning that the items in question will begin at its RRP price, slowly getting cheaper until someone bids to take it at whatever the price clock has stopped at. O2 have confirmed that they will let the price drop to £1 before it ends the bidding.

The tech shop will have three of every product ready for reverse auction. Also remember that some kind of monthly contract will be involved.

Expect their page and most of the internet to be in a perpetual state of CRASH!!!


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