5 Women who paved the way for women wrestlers today

5 Women who paved the way for women wrestlers today

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A list of women who made it possible for today's divas

Back in the day when World Wrestling was a Federation and not Entertainment the WWF/E women’s division was a sight to see. Not only were they beautiful, but those women were real competitors climbing up the mountain every week to be the best. Now don’t get me wrong for all the new wresting fans, there are some divas currently wresting that carry a talent, however compared to the Raw is War era its just not the same.

Here is a list of 5 divas who paved the way for the new girls:

1. Victoria


Victoria debuted in the WWE in 2001 and quickly showed her dominance. She was known for psycho persona and brutish wrestling style which gave any diva a work for their money every-time they stepped in a ring with her. With her exciting story lines, various feuds, that Widows Peak finisher and holding the Women’s title twice, Victoria showed everyone she’s not the lady to mess with!

2. Jazz


Jazz was more of a sour note than a sweet tune. Since making her debut in 2001 at Survivor Series competing for the vacated Women’s title in a Six-Diva match she has been a tough foe to defeat. Immediately turning her attention to demolishing fellow women wrestlers such as Trish Stratus and any other “barbie doll” diva that got in her way. Jazz’s strength and speed made her a 2-time women’s champion and a blue print for real destruction.

3. Trish Stratus

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The Canadian beauty, Trish Stratus was introduced in 2000 and has given us Stratusfaction ever since. From entering the world of wresting as a “manager” to a 7x women’s champion and one-time Hardcore champion, she defiantly has a story to tell. Trish has defiantly feuded with multiple women in her career such as Jazz, Victoria, and punk diva Lita. When fans heard “oh its time to rock and roll” they knew she was going to give them a show. Even though she is retired, this WWE Hall of Fame recipient still works closely with the brand and helps mentor younger wrestlers.

4. Lita


Rock n Roll vixen Lita entered the WWF/E in 2000 and always gave fans an experience to remember. No matter if she was using her high flying wresting method to overcome her opponents or cheering on the Hardy Boyz on the side, all eyes were always on her. Lita knew how to play face when helping divas such as Christy Hemme and excelled being a heel when joining forces with Edge. As a 4-time Women’s champion, WWE Hall of Fame Inductee and current Road Agent for the wrestling company; Lita shows that her fire is still burning.

5. Chyna

trish-chyna-oChyna was known as the “9th Wonder of the World” during her time with WWF/E. Her stature alone was a tough feat for male and female wrestlers alike. She aligned herself with Generation X and had a love story line with the late Eddie Guerrero. Chyna was a a diva of firsts. She was the first to win the King of the Ring Tournament , the first woman to become the #1 contender for the WWF title and the first and only woman to win the WWF Intercontinental championship. Chyna also once held the women’s title, but felt as if none of the other women were real competition for her (can’t disagree here).

This list is short compared to the plethora of women wrestlers who defiantly made a mark in WWF/E history and on the hearts of old school wrestling fans. Who were your favorite divas back in the day? Let us know!


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