The best games of 2015

The best games of 2015

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Although gaming can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, it can be frustrating work trying to keep up with the current wave of top titles.

So to save you the trouble, we’ve waded through last year’s releases of shoot-em-ups, puzzle games and blackjack sites to try and guarantee you some top gaming exploits for the upcoming year.

Action games


2015 proved that gamers love their violence as a huge range of titles such as the beautifully-realised The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the futuristic mayhem of Fallout 4 showed the endless appeal of action games.

And whilst there was a string of successful movie adaptations such as the Star Wars: Battlefront and the critically-acclaimed Arkham Knight, it was the more innovative titles such as Bloodborne that showed the true story-telling capacity of these new technologies that promised a much more immersive gaming future.

Mind games


2015 also proved to be the year that mobile gameplay overtook that of traditional console games, and this trend has led to the rise of many top puzzling titles such as Windosill. Not only did these titles manage to prove themselves perfectly-suited for mobile gaming, but they frequently displayed a degree of imagination and beauty hitherto unseen in the world of gaming.

But sometimes it was the traditional games that fared best. Betway quickly asserted itself as being definitely the best online blackjack site of 2015 for its user-friendly interface and impressive winnings, whereas the likes of Sporcle provided an endless supply of topical brainteasers for mobile gamers on the go.

Gaming innovation


In a bid to carve a niche in the evermore competitive world of gaming, certain releases sought to provide a much greater amount of innovation in 2015.

The likes of Her Story used wonderfully acted video footage of a crime report to reinvent the humble ‘whodunnit’, and Life Is Strange blurred the line between gaming and movies even further through its evocative episodic graphical adventure developments.

Undertale managed to prove that it was a game’s storytelling skills that ultimately triumph over graphical prowess. And with even Minecraft: Story Mode getting in on the point-and-click adventure fun, it showed that gamers will be starting to expect a little more from their games in 2016.

So whether it was gamers seeking a 21st century update to traditional casino games such as blackjack, or even the latest way to achieve a bloodbath via their next-gen console, it proved that 2015 was gaming’s best year yet.

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