Daniel Bryan retires live on WWE Monday Night Raw

Daniel Bryan retires live on WWE Monday Night Raw

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Last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw was mainly about paying homage to Daniel Bryan who had earlier announced that he was to retire from wrestling. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion has been sidelined due to injury and fans have prayed in hope that he would return. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

Although rumours state that Bryan has been cleared by independent doctors to return to the ring, WWE doctors have not cleared him which either implies that he did not pass the medical or Vince McMahon simply did not want to risk Bryan receiving another injury in the ring and the wider implications that may hold. Many of the main roster are out with injury, including the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton.

Alas, the crowd favourite made an emotional farewell on Monday’s show, as we the home viewer were treated to his career highlights throughout the programme. Eventually, Bryan himself emerged to confront the fans in a segment that brought many of the audience to tears. The ‘Yes Movement’ was a huge thing for WWE and brought about the ‘Yes’ chant which amplified wrestling arenas all over.

Daniel Bryan revealed himself to be a true professional throughout his career and gave everything in the ring, perhaps the reason he has received career ending injuries. In fact he revealed that at the beginning of his career he had already suffered from three concussion by the age of 18, just three to four months after he began wrestling. It is this dedication to work that has made him a legend, the closest thing to the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He is true fan of wresting who was able to defy the odds and fulfil his dreams.

The rest of the show consisted of Dean Ambrose being F5’d by Brock Lesnar again whilst the hapless Roman Reigns watched after having a table thrown at him. Reigns looking more and more irrelevant as we get closer to Fastlane and Wrestlemania so WWE Creative are really going to have to come up with a decent story to sort that mess out.

Meanwhile Dolph Ziggler beat ‘prize fighter’ Kevin Owens again, this time by cheating when he leveraged his legs on the top rope to pin Owens. Bray Wyatt beat Ryback, thank God. Leicester City was used as a reference to describe the underdog win by one of the Social Outcasts, Adam Rose, against Titus O’Neil. Womens champ Charlotte Flair beat Alica Fox. Jericho interrupted Miz TV and turned it into his Highlight Reel.

Lucha Dragons took on Rusev and Alberto Del Rio and lost. whilst Tamina took on Becky Lynch. Meh. What was supposed to be table match between The Usos vs The New Day turned into The Usos and Dudley Boys vs The New Day and their surprise partner Mark Henry. The Dudleys and Usos won but the the best thing to come from the match happened at the end when Dudleys turned heel and betrayed the Uso twins.

The last segment belonged to Daniel Bryan in which he addressed the crowd and announced his retirement. His career is officially over but the Yes Movement will never die in the hearts and minds of WWE fans. Sad times indeed.



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