Pranks gone too far

Pranks gone too far

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It seems YouTube and internet sensation Jack Jones who is best known for being the prankster that goes too far get’s a taste of his own medicine and he doesn’t like it. Although Jack found his internet fame playing pranks on people and at times screaming in their faces it seems that when the roles are reversed he doesn’t find it quite so funny. Twitter has found it hilarious.

It seems that although the world may go crazy for pizza, Jack doesn’t. He may have annoyed one too many people and maybe they decided to gang up and get their own back? Who knows! If you want to know who the guy is from some of his previous work, take a look at the video below.

If however like myself and many other non-fans around the world you want to bask in his humiliation check out the video below and search on twitter #jackjones for some very hilarious tweets.

It seems that even though he decided to phone the police they didn’t have much sympathy and put him in the back of the car for wasting police time. I guess what goes around comes back around! It would seem that from some of the reactions on the world wide web, Jack isn’t as well loved as he would have imagined. It’s funny that when the guy gets a gun put on him he does nothing but a pizza, end of the world! It seems his official Facebook page has nothing to comment about this outrageous facade!

Thanks for reading and I hope you got many laughs out of this as I did!


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