Different stereotypes around the world

Different stereotypes around the world

It might not be accurate, but we do have stereotypes about different countries. Something I experiences myself while I’m in London and people don't think that I’m Swedish because I’m not blonde.

The British

British people love tea, some drink 1-3 cups, some drink up to 30 cups. But of course, it’s fine to drink how many cups you’d like. They are pale, (it rains a lot), have bad teeth (too much tea) and are gingers (maybe the rain). They also drink a lot, after work, after training and after everything. But who can blame them, there’s pubs everywhere and it can be very hard to find a coffee shop.

British people are also born with the ability to queue. If somebody is breaking the rules of the queue, they say nothing at all, because they don’t like to talk to strangers. They don’t seem to have a problem to apologize, though. If you walk in a street in London you will hear sorry, a lot, and for a non-British person it can be puzzling since you didn’t even notice the person before he or she said sorry.


Americans are fat, really fat. They like junk food and plastic surgery and are patriotic. God bless America! Apparently it’s a perfectly normal thing for Americans to go and fill up their lips during their lunch break. I don’t know what is going on there, but they have the highest rate of prisoners, even if they love their own country! Americans really like to sue and shoot other people. No, kidding, but they do like to have a gun in their house, everybody knows that. Oh almost forgot, Americans think that other countries are dangerous.



Australians like to drink as well. They ride kangaroos to work and likes to surf. If you are Australian, you can surf. They live by the beach and are really, really tanned. Australians cook everything on a barbecue while they are listening to AC/DC. It’s ALWAYS hot outside, it never snows, that’s why they live by the beach. They also wear thongs every day (I guess it’s because it’s so hot?). As a pet, they have a cute koala.


The French

Frog eaters. Snail eaters. Instead of showering they take perfume all over the body, called “French shower”. They never speak English and if they do it can sound like this: I ate you = I hate you. I’m angry = I’m hungry. French people are lazy, and works less hours than other countries. Probably because they are busy having a strike. They also like to complain a lot ,but at least they are good sex lovers, French love.



Now, my own country. A country full of blondes and shy blue-eyed people. The girls are very hot with silicone breasts and are very open-minded when it comes to sex. We live in igloos and saunas. It’s never warm in Sweden and we speak “Scandinavian”. Swedish people believe in equality and if it’s somewhere you should move to if you just came out from the wardrobe and want to meet the like-minded, it’s there.

Do you agree with these stereotypes?


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