Why Louisa Johnson is the perfect X Factor winner

Why Louisa Johnson is the perfect X Factor winner

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She is the youngest ever X Factor winner, but what is it about her that makes us believe that she deserves her title?

Sunday 13th December, the winner of The X Factor 2015 was announced, and the world was introduced to the incredibly talented Louisa Johnson. The 17-year-old singer blew everyone away each week and did enough to win the hearts of the X Factor viewers who voted for her.

Louisa is the youngest person to ever have won The X Factor, but that never stopped her from performing and winning everyone’s votes. There are many reasons why I think Louisa is the perfect X Factor winner, and why she of all people deserved the crown.

She kept her private life a secret until winning.

If you have ever seen The X Factor then you will know that it’s not all about talent – it’s also a battle for who can tell the most upsetting story. Almost every contestant comes on the stage with a story about their personal life, hoping to gain votes. Louisa didn’t have to, all she had to do through the entire competition is be herself, and that was good enough.

Only recently, since winning, has she revealed her ‘secret boyfriend’ and spoken more about her private life. Obviously she isn’t the type to beg for empathy votes, which deserve her a lot of respect. She won The X Factor because of her talent and nothing more, which is why if anyone deserves the X Factor crown, it’s Louisa!

She’s coping with the fame stress at just seventeen.

Most seventeen-year-old girls are still in education, but this seventeen-year-old girl has more than just the pressure of exams on her shoulders; she has to deal with the stress of constant interviews, photoshoots, concerts, etc. and that’s not the usual life for someone so young.

If she can cope with being one of the most spoken about people in the news, I think she can cope with just about anything. Anyone would find it difficult being in the spotlight at such a young age, but she doesn’t mind, in fact, she loves it. Louisa said that this is ‘her dream’ and has been since she was a young girl, so she couldn’t be any happier!

Her vocals are incredible!

In case you haven’t already heard Louisa sing, it’s important to know one thing – she is incredible. Her voice hands out shivers and goosebumps to everyone listening. Yes, some of the other contestants had amazing voices, but I think Louisa’s voice had to be recognised more than anyone.

Most singers that are in the charts now can’t actually sing live, and we know from live shows that Louisa’s voice doesn’t need any auto-tuning or editing. Something about her just screams ‘star’.

She’s already done a number one song.

If she’s already got to the top of the charts, this proves that she can sell music. Despite being young, she can already sell music at number one in the charts, that’s worth something, surely! Louisa can sell music probably a lot better than any of the other contestants could. Not that they can’t sing, but there’s something about Louisa that everyone fell in love with.

Not even a day after winning she was at number one in the charts, and nobody who doesn’t deserve it gets there! I hope she carries on making music and selling them like a pro.

Do you remember Louisa’s first audition? She was so nervous, terrified. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini had to tell her to breathe. Throughout the contest, we got to witness the beautiful and talented Louisa Johnson grow and get more and more confident everyday. That is a blessing to watch!

I wish Louisa all the best for the future, but, of course, she doesn’t seem to need it!


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