What happened to our favourite Christmas movie stars?

What happened to our favourite Christmas movie stars?

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Everyone remembers the little girl from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or the enthusiastic boy from Jingle All the Way, and also the adroit guy from The Santa Clause or the irresponsible teenager from Gremlins. But how did their career continue after all?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas?
Taylor Momsen (Cindy Lou Who)


Cindy Lou was the girl with the propeller hairstyle, whose cute face is showing under her ponytail and her huge eyelashes, and whom the Grinch’s story touched very deeply. Cindy Lou so kind, that she cheerfully talks to the Grinch who just wanted to steal her Christmas tree, and she doesn’t rest until she can stole back the real value of the holiday.


After the role of Cindy Lou, Taylor Momsen became a successful child actress and she played in Spy Kids, in Hansel & Gretel and also in Shiloh. When she was fourteen she played a part in Paranoid Park and after, she started to sing and work as a model. She was Jenny in Gossip Girl but today she is a singer mostly and she also has a band called Pretty Reckless.

Jingle All the Way
Jake Lloyd (Jamie Langston)

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The Star Wars’ first episode was nowhere yet, when the incredibly cute Jake Lloyd played the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was so enthusiastic about the action figure, Turbo Man. Schwarzenegger fought with a group of Santa Clauses and elves in the mall to get the toy, he even hit a reindeer to do it so.


Before Jingle All the Way, Lloyd played a part in E.R. and also in Unhook the Stars, but he became real famous after the role of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars. It was such a big burden for him that he never wanted to be an actor again after the first episode. He moved to Chicago and then to Indianapolis.

The Santa Clause
Eric Lloyd (Charlie Calvin)


Eric Lloyd (who is only a namesake with Jake Lloyd) was seven when he played the role of the adroit boy in The Santa Clause, who was absolutely pointful when the real Santa Clause fell into their garden dead. His dad wasn’t that calm the he started to become a Santa Clause and Charlie was even better at riding the reindeer.


The boy with the mushroom hairstyle played in Batman and Robin and later he played the son of Woody Allen in Deconstructing Harry. Lloyd was also in the following The Santa Clause movies but after all he wasn’t able to stay on the market.

Home Alone
Devin Ratray (Buzz McCallister)


Buzz McCallister is one of the most antipathetic characters of Home Alone. He pesters Kevin all the time, devours the pizza which is not even his, and when Kevin huffs because of him, everyone in the family gives the truth to the mean brother. The spiky-hair Buzz is a real unbearable, harassing teenager who embitters his brother’s life, but he is the most memorable figure in the film next to Kevin.

hpse_normal__609163754_Devin Ratray at the NY Premiere of MY ONE AND ONLY in Paris Theatre on August 18th 2009

Ratray was thirteen when he played Buzz and he acted in family movies after Home Alone as well (Dennis the Menace, The Prince &Me). He also plays as an adult nowadays but only little parts. The audience could have seen him in The Good Wife, Louie and in Sherlock and Watson too.

Zach Galligan (Billy)


It was a Christmas horror-story with a teenage boy who cannot keep himself to the instructions of a hairy pet, so he let out many mean monsters to the celebrating people. For Zach Gilligan Billy’s role was the first in his life. Although he played in many other films after, his most memorable role is still Billy.


In 1990 he played Billy again in Gremlins 2, then he graduated from Columbia University and continued his career in B Category movies. Recently he acted in Hatchet III.


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