Does Taylor Swift have a twin sister?

Does Taylor Swift have a twin sister?


Ebook Editing Service Unbelievable as it may sound, Taylor Swift has managed to keep her twin sister hidden from the paparazzi for the past nine years.

Small Business Plan Example Well, she is not actually Swift’s twin sister. In fact, the young ladies are not even related. However, this McDonald’s model and the American pop star look very much alike.

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An old Japanese commercial from the fast-food giant that was uploaded to YouTube in 2006 has gone viral over the past few hours, since its model looks almost identical as the Blank Space star.

In the clip, the actress is seen sporting a tight dress with McDonald’s classic colours and a red wig whilst clutching a Big Mac. Her blue eyes, slender figure and feline look makes her an almost identical copy of the 25-year-old singer.

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This model looks exactly like Taylor Swift
This model looks exactly like Taylor Swift

Online Research Paper Help So far, the video has scored over 18.6 million views. Watch it below:

Dissertation Doctoral Do you think Taylor Swift and the McDonald’s model look like twin sisters?