5 exciting things to do on the weekend

5 exciting things to do on the weekend

Turn your weekend into an adventure!

Weekend is approaching and you still have no plans? You don`t feel like sitting at home, especially if the weather is nice? Then take a look at some of the things you could be doing this weekend!

1. Go camping

Camping is the right choice for someone, who loves nature and wants to get away from the city rush. At moneysupermarket.com you can find some great deals for camping vouchers, so you can get all the best camping experience for less.

2. Treat yourself with a SPA day

Nothing feels better than being pampered from head to toes. Spa is that perfect place where you can relax, forget about your house chores and finally let someone take care of you. Because you deserve it. If you feel like getting a posh treatment, check out those 30 best luxury spa hotels from TripAdvisor. You will definitely find one around your city, or you can travel a bit further and explore something different. The choice is yours. Also, if you don`t feel like spending a lot of money, you can create your own home spa. Here are some recipes and ideas.

3. Explore new places

It can be a city you`ve never been to, or some new restaurant in your own city. You can go to a theme park, or go to the seaside with your family, visit a museum- there definitely is a place you wanted to go, so have an exploration weekend.

4. Try out some new recipes

There might be not so much to do on a rainy day, so why not try some new recipes? Cooking can be a lot of fun if you will get your family involved. Turn cooking into adventure by choosing new recipes from different countries and exploring new, tasty foods. Who knows, maybe you will discover your new favorite.

5. Go shopping

Shopping on working days can be quite difficult and you probably won`t have much time for it anyway. So treat yourself with a shopping weekend. Summer is here, and if you don`t already have your favorite summer outfit, it`s time to get one. Can`t find anything new in your local shops? Go to a different city, and turn your shopping into a trip.


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