Are iPhones users ready to change to paying by phone?

Are iPhones users ready to change to paying by phone?

After months, doubts and rumors, Apple Pay finally arrived in UK this week.

Introduced only in USA in September 2014, Apple’s Apple Pay mobile payment system has promised to revolutionize retail shopping. Nevertheless, despite Apple’s claims about its safety and speed, the latest Apple seems to be fallen far from the rich American Tree.

Surveys drawn up by Phoenix Marketing International show that in a sample of 3000 interviewed, two out of three have used Apple Pay on their credit cards and are enjoying the service. However, two thirds of them complained about it. In the records, the time taken for payment at registers and cashiers’ problem with the payment method, were the major reasons for complaints.

The most pressing issue remains the safety of Apple Pay. In fact, although Silicon Valley giant claims to have created a virtually unassailable system, through the hybridization of different services like “NFC” and “Find My I-Phone”, users still have misgivings. They do not find the new method revolutionary in terms of both time saving and safety compared to physical cards.

In essence, the average user, who does not understand the need to pay by via their iPhone, might consider it unnecessary. Competition with “traditional” credit cards (now “contactless”) may be very harsh. Apple Pay could end up as a niche for die-hard fans of Apple holding expensive phones.

In addition, one of the primary methods for adding a credit card to pay Apple is to take a picture of the card with the iPhone and sends it to Apple. The 2014 scandal of Hollywood stars’ private selfies definitely does not come out in favor of Cupertino. Even PayPal ironically aligned against Apple Pay on The New York Times in September 2014:

Apple Pay will have to strive to become the most mouth-watering Apple Pie in the world of purchases.


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