Why should you go to Comic Con?

Why should you go to Comic Con?

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There are comic cons going on all across Britain this year and you should go join the fun!

San Diego Comic Con finished last week but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to Comic Con! This Sunday I am traveling up North to attend Manchester’s MCM Comic Con and it’s more exciting to me than receiving a season ticket for Manchester United. Why? Because Comic Con is amazing. In one of the panels for Supermansion, a new series from the creators of Robot Chicken, Seth Green said that Comic Con feels like home for him, and it does for me as well. Comic Con is a home for anyone interested in anything to do with pop culture whether it’s Doctor Who, Naruto or Despicable Me.


One of the problems I had when I wanted to start going to comic cons is that it was hard to find a convention, most were only advertised with posters and flyers due to a lack of budget. That’s how it used be, then the pop-culture revolution happened and now we have the MCM Expos, some of the best and most affordable comic cons in the country and they are everywhere with a comprehensive list of venues, here’s the a list of all the MCM Comic Cons going on in 2015:

Manchester MCM Comic Con: 25th/26th of July (to find out more click here)

Ireland MCM Comic Con: 29th/30th of August (to find out more click here)

Scotland MCM Comic Con: 26th/27th of September (to find out more click here)

London MCM Comic Con: 23rd/24th/25th of October (to find out more click here)

Birmingham MCM Comic Con: 21st/22nd of November (to find out more click here)

That’s one a month between now and December and I can guarantee there will be one a month throughout all of next year, so pick one and go. There’s always a great list of special guests from comic book artists to actors to writers and there really is something for everyone. You need to pre-book tickets as they quite often run out on the day. Pre-booked tickets cost around £9 each and there are special rates for children, you can also splash out on priority tickets to get in a little earlier and skip some of the queuing for around £14.


MCM Comic Cons are a great way to get started with the convention scene as they are normally well managed and have a bit of a better budget than most other comic cons in Britain. After you have gone to a few of them it might also be worth checking out London Film and Comic Con which hosts a lot more high profile guests (last year I met Stan Lee at the convention) but that calibre of guest comes with an incredibly high price tag, with tickets ranging from about £30 to as much as £200, if you want more information click here.


Most of my articles are fun opinion pieces or reviews but this one is very close to my heart as I really want you to have all the fun and great times that I have had at conventions, from meeting celebrities that I still can’t believe I’ve met to forging lasting friendships with some of the most interesting people I have ever known. I also encourage you to cosplay, pick your favourite character from anything and jump into their skin for a few days, everyone will treat you like their best friend if you’ve got a mask and a bit of spandex. So keep an eye out for independent con’s, get yourself to an MCM Comic Con and start saving now so you can go to London Film and Comic Con three years from now!


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