Wiseproof wants more than we bargained for

Wiseproof wants more than we bargained for

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It’s not often you come across an artist that can boast opening concerts for the likes of Kanye West, Massive Attack and Aceyalone, yet that is exactly what underground hip hop artist Wiseproof can do. As a performer and writer, Wiseproof is not a snotty nosed rapper who is wet behind the ears, he is a seasoned professional who has done the education, two decades of it in fact.

Known as much for the performance art element of his lives shows as he is admired for his innovative lyrical style, Wiseproof has built a buzz around him from Oakland to Miami. This has culminated in the release of his new single More More More More, a track that shows a frustration evident alone in the repetition used in the track’s title.

More More More More is a chaotic fusion of EDM, Trance and Trap with a clear experimental nod towards a suped-up version of trip hop. Where obvious peers such as Tricky took a more laid back approach Wiseproof attacks the instrumental with extreme vigour, forcefulness and aggression. The rapper is audibly fuelled by the common social desire of the human race to always want more than what they have. Wiseproof clearly wants to feed that desire within himself, making it clear by stating “I want more”.

Wiseproof’s flow is undeniably rapid, akin to the likes of Chicago rapper Twista, and he has stumbled across a unique sound dubbed ‘Trapadelic’ or ‘Galactic Trap’. For that he should be applauded no doubt. We hear him mainly at full speed with tight lyrical tongue twisting verses that could perhaps do with some variation in terms of flow and pacing – it can be too frantic at times. Still it’s great to see an artist fuse all his influences together in a bid to try something fresh. That’s exactly what Wiseproof does and he’s decent at doing so.

Talking of his current style, Wiseproof explains: “I can get right in the pocket with all the popular rap styles out right now, but when you hear me you can tell that I’m naturally on a plateau & dimension that transcends the swag I’m presenting. All the time I’m just waitin’ to tap a frequency that inspires a musical manifestation of that transcendence!”

Listen to Wiseproof’s new single More More More More:

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