Could the Illuminati show up in the MCU?

Could the Illuminati show up in the MCU?

Could a group be looming on the horizon?

The Illuminati are a group of superior heroes in the Marvel Universe who take ownership of the Infinity Gems individually so as to avoid their being used on the Earth. Meeting in secret, they share information and decide which direction heroes should take to tip the scales. Given the upcoming films and the various new heroes being introduced into the universe, could Marvel be carving a path towards the Illuminati?

The idea is to bring together a diverse group of intelligent, well-rounded individuals with influence in all the right places. From mutants to Inhumans and scientists to Sorcerers Supreme, the Illuminati is one powerful group, able to spread its influence with unanimous justification.

In the Infinity timeline, the Illuminati consists of Iron Man, Namor, Beast, Mr. Fantastic, Doctor Strange and Black Panther. They each have an Infinity Gem, hiding its whereabouts to avoid their potential misuse. Once upon a time, Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half the galaxy, so it’s understandable that they’re being so secretive.

Now, because Namor hasn’t made an appearance and mutants and the Fantastic Four are owned by separate companies, that whittles the numbers down a bit. The remaining three members have either had films already, or they’re ready to join the MCU very shortly. Three out of six isn’t half bad, but there’s another up and coming film that contains a character associated with the Illuminati.

If you’ve been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., then you’re probably aware of the existence of Inhumans already. What you may not be aware of is the existence of Blackagar Boltagon, or Black Bolt for short. King of the Inhumans, he rules from Attilan, a floating city above New York. His powers force him into silence for he could send enemies hurling away with a whisper and explode heads with a shout, but there is a room which he frequents with the Illuminati which cancels his Inhuman power, enabling him to share knowledge and plans. Now, I don’t know about you, but these characters seem to be lining up nicely with the appearance of the Infinity Gems within the MCU.

With Iron Man to take point, and Black Panther soon to enter the mix, as well as Doctor Strange, we only need three more heroes to finish the roster. Given that Spider-Man is on a special contract to appear in the MCU from Sony, who’s to say that the other Illuminati positions can’t also be filled the same way?

More realistically, the MCU could fill the positions using already established characters. Hank Pym could always be the leading scientific mind, if not Bruce Banner. As a stand-in for the mutants, Scarlet Witch (though impossible to identify as a mutant due to contract infringement) could play a role, but this seems unlikely. We will either have to wait for a stand-in to appear or find out if it’s another character like Nick Fury who’s had a hand in saving the world before.


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