How to stay organised and efficient

How to stay organised and efficient

Tips and tricks to help you stay organised and efficient, when you feel like you need to revamp your lifestyle.

With life stresses, it’s easy to forget about your priorities but if you have an assignment due in two days time know that you will need to cut out the unnecessary time consuming things you do and get to doing the most important task first. Here are my top seven tips to becoming a more organised and efficient person.

1) Keep a Calendar on your phone that’s easy to access. If you’re a busy body and have events, appointments, meetings or lunches every day, then a Calendar will help you keep on top of it all. They are also great for keeping you on track with deadlines and also make you realise how limited time is.

2) Now, it may be useful to some people but I find that lists aren’t helpful. I dread reading the long list, because I find that it puts me in an anxious state as I stress about all the tasks I have to do. However, if you know it’s something you’ll forget- add it to your diary for a quick reminder. A little bit of stress is good in doses, but too much over a long period of time can create hormonal imbalance.

3) If you have an especially busy week coming up and don’t have time to cook every evening after work, organise meals in containers to store in your fridge. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but make sure it’s healthy. Often when we’re busy and in a constant rush, we’ll go for the quickest foods on the go, that aren’t the best for us but it will eventually lower your energy levels, making you feel sluggish.

4) Have your clothes and work bag ready the night before. If you’re like me and your bedroom is a mess, have your things organised during the evening because that’ll save you time in the morning- rushing around looking for your keys or wallet, which isn’t a good way to start the day!

5) Sleep well. Look after yourself, your body is an engine and if you’re not giving it enough rest, you will be tired for the whole day and your productivity levels will decrease. Work out how many hours are best for you and develop a healthy sleeping routine. Don’t drink caffeinated beverages before bed or you’ll disturb your sleeping pattern. Treat yourself, whether it’s that cup of herbal tea and book you’ve been meaning to finish off or catching up on some TV. Whatever it is, it’s your time to unwind before conking out.

6) Take small breaks throughout the day, ones where you’re not worrying about work or that application you have to complete. Some may think that they don’t have enough time to take 10 minute breaks but these are vital if you want your mind to be clear and on the right track.

7) Although caffeine may be beneficial in terms of antioxidants and it tasting so darn delicious, it can actually have a downturn on your body and mind. Be in sync with your body. I realised that after years of drinking tea and coffee, I get physically and mentally lifted by it for a few hours and by around 4pm, I’d come crashing down and would be too tired to do anything constructive.


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