Movies you’ll seriously know relate to a student at Warwick University

Movies you’ll seriously know relate to a student at Warwick University

  1. The Emperor’s Club

Warwick, the leading university in the West Midlands, is now seventh in the ranking of the best British universities and in the top 50 in the world: studying here is such a honour. It’s still not in Cambridge, but we are working on it.

And probably we enjoy ourselves more.



  1. Into the wild

Warwick campus is one of the first reasons why people choose the University: it’s just a little village made ​​for students. You always feel at home and have what you need close to you.

Those who live on campus know that it is an amazing place in the countryside, full of green and animals like foxes, squirrels, ducks, geese, and swans!


Sometimes Claycroft residents can even be woken by wild boars hunters’ gunfires. There are beautiful hidden trails that lead through the woods, close to attractive ponds. If you just cannot force yourself to study, go take a walk. All this nature will fascinate you. No matter how many tight restrictions there are on the door of your residence, one day you’ll feed the animals around home – those squirrels are hungry! When you’ll go back to the big city life the sight of cats and dogs will be surprising!

Finally, do not forget them, the owners of Warwick: the rabbits, rabbits everywhere.

So cute.


  1. Alien

After the rabbits there are international students, international students everywhere. One of the best things about Warwick is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Especially students living in the halls who experience different cultures, ways of life and thinking.


So, if you hear strange accents, do not laugh – we are just bilingual.

  1. The Black Swan

Although open to foreigners, in the nesting season, Warwick became famous in Europe for his racist swans. This is specific to Heronbank and Lakeside residents who have been threatened by the unexpected aggressive swans, known for their protective instincts against supposed intruders. Social media found it extremely amusing. No student was seriously injured during the clashes. Now the eggs have hatched and everything is back to normality.

Beware of the swan.


  1. Slum Dog Millionaire

In Warwick campus, there are two supermarkets: Tesco, in Cannon Park, quite far from some of the residences, and Costcutter, next to the main plaza and the Students Union, just in the centre of the campus. On-campus students know that, even if you live in Rootes and you have to take a long trip to come over Tesco, you should never, NEVER go to Costcutter!

You can’t afford it and you know… You are just lazy. You’re a student, you can’t waste your money, but you are young, so you can go for a long walk and find something cheap. You study in one of the best universities in England. One day you’ll get a great job and buy all the expensive food you wish. (RIGHT?!)

For the time being… Save.


  1. The Ringer

As it is well known, the renowned Warwick Business School often organiSes events that include food, I mean, free food. These events are very popular and always attract many students. The last one was a barbeque in the picturesque Claycroft: hundreds of kids, surrounded by greenery, hot dogs, chips, beers, music and… I did not actually see any business students.

Business students have to rule the world – too busy to eat hot dogs on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Other people cannot believe there was a free lunch.

Goodbye Tesco, I can freeload food.


7. 300

Warwick University is ideal for studying; everything is designed to meet the students’ needs. In particular, the library is a great place to write your essays and to revise. It is quite peaceful, supplied with books and coffee.

Well, unless you go during exam period, in which case, good luck finding a spot to sit. On that crucial month between May and June, the library is a warzone – many people wake up in the middle or the night to go to the library hunting down a spot to sit.

Even if you arrive at 7am it’s too late – trust me, I’ve seen people do crazy things, just to get a seat. And those who cannot find one do not give up – you can see them going around, and around, and around, for five floors… like vultures in the desert, waiting the moment you get up: but you you’re only stretching your legs, because you have been sitting for eight hours on your chair, being afraid that someone might steal it. And the vultures will hate you.

Exam period just drives people crazy: studying, studying, and studying. Everything else is postponed to better times, to the “after-feedbacks”.

Just good luck.


  1. Ice Cream Man

Warwick University is haunted by a threat of the most dreaded exam period: the creepy ice cream bus song. Despite all the Warwick students flock when they see it in the plaza, everyone has a shiver down my spine when it encounters. Someone swears they have heard of the arrival in the middle of the night near the woods…

Cold Case.


  1. Agorà

The square is in the vibrant heart of the campus: once you are there, you plan night:Terrace bar, Dirty Duck, Xananas for dinner, a movie in the Art centre or maybe a concert? You choose. Even when you’re just bored and alone in your room on Facebook looking friends’ pictures having fun, get out to the square, there’s always someone there to meet.

Be sociable, not social.


  1. Fast food nation

The hamburger stand behind the square: it does not matter that they are now, how cool is that man of fried hamburger will always have something for you. And you will not say no, even if you repeat every day that you’re on a diet. Then you think “it’s always cheaper than Custcutter”. And you will not resist.

Tomorrow: sport centre.


  1. Chocolate

Ok, you have time for the gym. First go to a tea party. The International Office organizes usually you free tea party in the pretty Curiositea, in the main square. Subscribe for them, there’s so much food: from sandwiches to the muffins, you will appreciate the tea hour as never before. Oh and yes, you can meet a lot of new people there. I think this is the aim of the party, but I usually go there when I’m starving.



  1. Dirty Dancing

Sometimes, living on campus can be boring when you are a young and sparked student. So, every Wednesday night, the Students Union organizes “Pop!” nights: hundreds of students and dance music from the last decade, all the retro classics we secretly have in the i-pod.      

And do not forget the crazy “school days”: every year sold out.

Do you miss the high school uniform? This is a good chance to remember your youth.



  1. Animal House

Non first-year students and especially Erasmus, live in Leamington and in Earlsdon, little area in Coventry. No one can be called a Warwick student when he has never been in one of the house parties in Earlsdon. The parties made ​​by Erasmus students are unforgettable (unless you do not have too much to drink) you would never think that 100 square metre homes can accommodate more than 100 people… But they do. When you get bored of “Pop” nights, take a bus and go to knock on doors there: the students will be very pleased to welcome you.

Just have fun.



  1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Just 20 minutes by bus from the campus, Leamington is a pretty town with beautiful gardens and a striking canal and also shops and pub. And when night comes, there two “must do” clubs: Smack and Neon.

Good music and Jager Bombs for just 1 pound.


In Coventry the “must do” is the Kasbah. Every Warwick student has been in these clubs at least 10 times in their lives here. However, every time is like the first – you were probably drunk and just forgot.


Keep on going there and sooner or later you’ll be reminded of what you did.


  1. The Untouchables

Whoever studies at Warwick should only hang with a Warwick student. Be wary of those who study in Coventry… The only worthy thing in Coventry is the Kasbah on Friday night (and the house parties).


  1. The Help

The service offered to Warwick students is one of the best you could wish for. No matter what hamletic doubts you have about your career, no matter how many times you go in the office of your department you will always find someone ready to help you.

The teachers are always available and respond to students email within few minutes. Or perhaps they impressed me so much as in Italy that would never have happened.

In addition, there are hundreds of societies. You’ll find people with your interests and passions and new opportunities to follow your dreams.


For instance, aspiring writers may begin to collaborate with The Boar, the Official Warwick magazine and Student publication of the year 2013.


Also,“My advantage” programme provides daily tips to help students orient themselves in their future careers, by proposing internships, meetings and workshops. EspeciallyInternational Office services are really efficient and Tarla is now an undisputed authority among all disoriented Erasmus who do not know where to go and why.

They pave the way, you have to walk.


  1. This Must Be The Place

These are just some of the experiences that students have in Warwick. University life is an unforgettable time of youth, and England is the best place for living it. People can have fun and most of all, become adults.

Being a Warwick student gives you the chance to study in a great university, learning from well-prepared teachers.

Being a Warwick student means to face new exciting realities, to learn how many things the world can offer to you.

Being a Warwick student is being involved in many activities with enthusiastic people, is feeling part of something, something that will help you become an adult.

Here, I think, you can find your way. And you can find your people.

I found this all, as an Erasmus student.

Once a student at Warwick, forever a student at Warwick.


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