What does exercise change about you?

What does exercise change about you?

What does exercise change about you? Does the weight actually matter? Or is it all about the big smile on your face?

I’ve often asked myself what the biggest difference that exercise causes; is it the physical difference? Is it that you can wear crop tops and tight clothing? (Disclaimer you don’t need to lose any weight to wear any piece of clothing, you rock that cute outfit choice you’ve wanted to wear and you rock it with pride.)

Do people say that I’ve lost weight because I have actually lost weight? Or is it because I don’t hide behind baggy jumpers anymore? Is it because I now smile from ear to ear? Last weekend, me and my friend
went clubbing and I wore high waisted short shorts and a low cut crop top. Now, a few years ago I would never have dreamed off wearing a crop top and high waisted shorts but now, because I took the time to love my body and look after it, I can. I can wear these things because I’m confident, not because I’ve lost weight.

That’s what exercise is all about, it’s about loving your body enough to say ‘ok I’ve neglected you my whole life but I’m not going to do that anymore’. It’s about looking after your body. Exercise to thank you body. Your body’s carried you your whole life, it’s probably got you out of bad situations, it’s cured you when you were sick, it’s made you get up and live your life when you didn’t want to leave your bed. The point of your body isn’t to fit into a bikini, or to be muscly, the point is to keep you alive, to pump blood round your body. Your body won’t do that if the fuel it needs is processed and unhealthy food.

So the biggest difference for me, was that I became more confident. To this day, starting exercising and losing weight is my proudest achievement. It’s something that I could have stopped after
a month and gone back to my old habits, but I didn’t. I stuck at it, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. It’s saved me. It’s given me more confidence. That’s the greatest thing you can ever receive, confidence and self love.

The fitness teas and the pills you see on Instagrams, they won’t work. They won’t make lasting results. Exercising and losing weight is as much of a mental journey as it is a physical. You have to
put in the effort and time.

Let the truth be told.

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Imagine I told you there was a pill that would make you lose weight, tone up, make you confident and make you healthy? How much money would you pay for that pill? Now imagine, that pill is free. It’s called exercise. It honestly does change your life. I urge you to put down the detox teas and get outside and exercise!


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