Celebrities who have rocked dyed hair

Celebrities who have rocked dyed hair

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It's become fashion to dye your hair crazy colours, but unfortunately not everyone can rock it. However, these celebrities totally can!

It’s tough when celebrities look so damned good rocking something totally crazy, that no ordinary person could pull off. Here are some of the celebrities who have looked incredible dying their hair crazy beautiful colours.

1. Kylie Jenner

Remember when Kylie dip-dyed her hair a beautiful light blue colour? Only Kylie could rock that look. Kylie brought this look into fashion when more people starting using blue dip-dye. Of course, Kylie has dyed her hair many colours and she always looks amazing no matter what she does with it. However, it seems like she has decided to go with a normal black hair colour look recently, and it suites her extremely well. Maybe one day she will surprise us with a beautiful new hair colour again, but Kylie does not have to worry about impressing anyone with her appearance, we all know she’s beautiful no matter what colour her hair is – she rocked this hair colour though.

2. Demi Lovato

Demi has been known to dye her hair colourfully – she has dyed it red, blue, pink, purple and many, many more colours. And do I even have to point out the obvious, that she rocked every single one of them? Demi always manages to look beautiful no matter how she does her hair. Demi dyed her hair red in 2014, around the time she was experimenting with lots of different colours. Demi admitted that she dyes her hair frequently because she is bipolar. However, it seems like she has stuck to a black, short hairstyle now, and she couldn’t look more beautiful. In a recent tweet, she posted that she misses her long hair, but she can wear extensions whenever to get a beautiful long do, right?

3. Kesha

Is it just me? I can’t stop staring at her face, Kesha is truly beautiful. Anyway, onto her dyed hair – Kesha has dyed her hair quite a few crazy colours. Although she is blonde at the moment, she has a colourful past with colourful hairstyles, and if anyone is going to rock purple, blue, green or pink hair, it’s Kesha, right? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Kesha’s crazy hair colours. Kesha is her own person, she is unique, and her hair is a huge part of her originality. She isn’t afraid to mix it up and experiment with her own hair. You go, girl!

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana didn’t dye her hair much, but she did have quite a while of constantly dying her hair red. I mean, not many people can rock that red, wavy hairstyle, but Ariana always looked beautiful with red hair. We’ve never seen her with bright purple or blue hair (even though we’d love to, right?) but her red hair suited her very well. Of course, she has now decided to go with brown hair, but the red was great while it lasted.

5. Debby Ryan

Debby has been having colourful hairstyles for years, but my favourite of hers has to be the white hair colour. Debby has rocked many hair colours and always looks like a flawless model no matter what colour her hair is.


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