Who to look out for in Infinity War

Who to look out for in Infinity War

Curious as to who might be included in the next Avengers films?

The Black Order is Thanos’ elite task force, each having a special ability or trait that makes them special in some way. Now that we’ve seen Thanos geared up for action, pending the arrival of Marvel’s Infinity War Part I, there are a few characters to watch out for.

First off, there’s Corvus Glaive, most trusted general to Thanos. Spindly guy, wields a fancy-ass glaive. He’s not dissimilar to the Other that we’ve already seen in Avengers Assemble and Guardians of the Galaxy. He specialises in the ability to not die. So long as he keeps a hold of his glaive, Corvus will be resurrected. It means he’s been able to fell his enemies without a worry for his welfare. Not a bad power to have, really.

Secondly, we have Proxima Midnight.She’s tough, a master at arms and very deadly. She wields a spear, but can hurt just as badly with a precise kick. Dependable in any situation, Proxima is a tough cookie and she doesn’t stand around for idle banter. She means business and she will get to her goal no matter the means.

Our third character to watch out for is Black Dwarf. He’s one of the toughest warriors at Thanos’ disposal. He’s basically Luke Cage but in space. He has unbreakable skin (plus he’s really strong and bulky and tall), with his weapon of choice being an axe. Black Dwarf can be used for missions that require destruction and plenty of it, never needing to fear any weapons.

Ebony Maw is, arguably, the most dangerous member of the Black Order.Rather than fighting on the front lines, he specialises in his intellect, preferring to analyse situations and give genius advice. He also has the ability to become a sleuth with great skill in teleportation, hitching a ride on anyone without them being any the wiser. This is also good for intelligence-gathering and dispatching people when they’ve gone too far on their journey.

The final member of the Black Order is Supergiant. She’s the stern-looking one in the background that’s borrowed Charles Xavier’s hair-do. Basically, a space Emma Frost. Although she cannot turn into diamond, she is a master of mind control and manipulation, on accounts of being telepathic. Not only does she admire intellect, but she’s rather like a parasite in that she likes to seek it out and devour it. Don’t get on the wrong side of this one!

Finally, we should be on the lookout for Thane. Thane is Thanos’ Inhuman son.He’s insanely powerful, with destructive abilities to match his father’s rage. With one hand he can encase anything in amber. With the other, he can impart a deathly touch. It is only thanks to Ebony Maw’s suit that Thane’s destructive powers are kept in check – well, at least so anybody can stand within ten feet of him without being turned to ash.

At any rate, it is not yet known if the Black Order will appear within Avengers: Infinity War Part I or Part II. Still, I’d suggest to be on the lookout, because if Thanos is mobilising, there’s a pretty good chance that he has a task force just waiting to scoop up all those shiny infinity gems. I also like to think there’s a good chance that Thane could be a driving force to Thanos’ grand plan.


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