CBD Gold hemp eliquid revolutionising the vaping market

CBD Gold hemp eliquid revolutionising the vaping market

New product licensed for UK sale is taking the vaping market by storm.

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A new eliquid product has been given the green light to start producing and selling in the UK and it will be the first of its kind. CBD Gold are about to make history by manufacturing the first cannabidiol eliquid to be made and certified in the UK.

The eliquid is an alternative to smoking with supposed health benefits and a reduction in expenditure for those who have been smoking cigarettes heavily for a number of years. The short-term evidence that we have for the safety of vaping is encouraging, with many people joining the technological revolution so as to wean themselves off cigarettes.

Long-term evidence is still not available, so the technology is still stumbling around in the dark to a certain extent, and some are concerned about the involvement of tobacco companies in the industry, as well as the potential hazards of vaping over 5 or more years.

The CBD hemp eliquid, however, is the pinnacle of this latest advance in technology. It uses CBD oil, one of the two active ingredients extracted from Cannabis plants, as a medium to carry the flavour required, and the atomisers in most mainstream vaporisers readily accept the oil without need for modification or excessive cleaning.

It is a natural alternative to the Vegetable Glycol and Propylene Glycol used as a base in most eliquids, and users are giving it reviews that suggest it is more beneficial than any other vaporising eliquid available on the market.

The controversy surrounding the certification and approval of this product is based on the sourcing of its raw ingredients and the potential for abuse of the technology by drug users. This is the first step in what many see as the road to the liberation of the vaping market, and further down the line the decriminalisation of cannabis, which many politicians would desperately love to hold at bay for as long as possible.

If you want to try out the latest vaping trend to hit the UK head here and take a closer look.



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