5 Lego sets to start any collection

5 Lego sets to start any collection

Starting a Lego collection requires investment but with the right sets you can have enough bricks to build anything!

Starting off in the world of Lego is difficult, whether your a parent buying for your child or an adult exploring the medium’s therapeutic potential. Each set only contains the bricks needed to build the set, which normally mean you get a bunch of specialist bricks that don’t really go with much else and look a little silly. In a hope to save you collections, and with the demon of Christmas present buying beginning to raise its ugly head, I have looked at every Lego release this year, finding five Lego sets to kickstart your collection.

5. Creator: Changing Seasons


The first thing you need when you start your Lego collection is Lego, as much as you can get and when it comes to bricks for money there is nowhere better to start than the Creator series. There are also the Creative Brick Boxes but as they are just bulk bricks and not a set I have left them off the list. Changing Seasons is my favourite of the sets to come out this year including 536 pieces and three build that will give you a great understanding of the basics of Lego whilst also allowing you to change to set for summer and winter. There are a few specialist pieces in the set but the Creator range is designed to form the back bone of a Lego collection so everything tends to fit in with anything else. You also get a man and a child with the set which are good basics for a mini figure collection.

4. Lego Movie: Double-Decker Couch


Mini figures are a great aspect of Lego, they bring any set to life and more often than not they will bring a set to life, making a pile of bricks feel more like a home. The Double-Decker Couch is a great set for this as you get five mini figures from the Lego movie each representing a different aspect of Lego history. There are few bricks in the set as there are only 197 bricks, the best you get are ladders as they can be great to create multi-floored builds.

3. Star Wars: Battle Droid Troop Carrier

75086-LEGO-Battle-Droid-Troop-Carrier-75086-Box-e1414690293906-289x300Now you’ve got some heroes from the Lego Movie it’s time to get some villains and the best villains are Battle Droids, because you can disassemble them without feeling any guilt. The Battle Droid Troop Carrier comes with 14 Battle Droids, which will make for a pretty strong battalion, and a single Gungan Warrior who can join your heroes in their fight. The bricks in this set are great as you get 565 pieces with very few specialist bricks, the colours lean towards Star Wars tones however so they may clash of your not careful with your builds.

2. Marvel: Attack On Avengers Tower


Now we have some heroes, villains and bricks it’s time to build big. Attack on Avengers Tower contains some absolutely amazing window pieces that will allow you to create large walls and more modern looking builds. The mini figures include some impressive looking members of the Iron Legion, adding well to your droid army, as well as Thor and Ironman, who can join your heroes for battle. The colouring of the set will blend well with the Star Wars set making this a great buy.

1. Minecraft: Desert Outpost


If your only going to get one set this on is perfect, the Minecraft set contain a lot of great pieces, designed to build and rebuild. If your buying for children these sets are instant hits and even if they already have it two sets will only bulk up their collection. The set contains 519 bricks of mostly sandy and grey colours which will work well with the Star Wars and Marvel sets to create an overall theme to your builds. The mini figures for the set include two Skeletons, Alex, Steve and a nice little wolf build, giving you everything you need for an epic confrontation.


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