Channel 4’s Persona Synthetics

Channel 4’s Persona Synthetics

Channel 4’s intriguing new drama #Humans


Now I don’t know about you guys, but I can honestly say the advert for a Channel 4’s ‘Persona Synthetic’ human/robot people, sent shivers down my spine.

The advert for their new series is very surreal, and I genuinely believed there was a store opening on our dear old Regent Street where you could purchase this synthetic human over the counter.

Focusing on this concept alone raised feelings of outrage and fear to be quite frank. How can it be allowed that humans can be replaced by robots or a synthetic being? Furthermore, what type of person would want to purchase such equipment and why do we need to rely so heavily on technology. I find it infuriating that man has to always come one better or compete with nature, why would you try to re-create a human being?

The idea of a robotic human or should I say ‘Persona Synthetic’ is absolutely outrageous and makes me question so much about the world, but I’ll save that rant for another day. In the big scheme of things it seems as though we are being desensitised to the realities of an inevitable future.

Props to Channel 4 on their whole campaign/promo for this series, they’ve certainly got my attention.

This new Cutting edge drama ‘Humans’ is set in a parallel present, where a ‘Synth’- advanced robotic house help, is a trendy must have gadget for those busy families. The household devices are unnervingly similar to its live counterpart.

If you haven’t seen the eerie advertisement please watch below and if you’re intrigued as to what life would be like with the help of a robot stay tuned on Channel 4 for the series!

Would you purchase a Synth? If so Why or why not? Tell us!!!

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