Save your accountancy firm thousands with a simple print audit

Save your accountancy firm thousands with a simple print audit

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As an accountancy firm, your first priority is to manage the finances of your clients and while this is a clear indication of the quality of your company, it is important that you consider your own finances too.

Looking at your outgoings and ensuring you have made economical and cost-effective decisions for your business can help the smooth running of the company and save you money where you didn’t think possible! This can be carried out on a number of areas within your organisation but there is one area that should not be forgotten about; your printing devices and print output. One way to assess your print setup is through a simple print audit process.

What is a print audit?

A print solutions provider will look at your print output and the devices you are currently using across the firm. Not only this but they will assess which devices are being used for each job and what is being printed. For example, whether it is colour, duplex, long print runs, booklets or hole-punching.

This type of audit is often carried out via a site visit so the print solutions provider is able to see the office set-up first hand and evaluate exactly how the devices are being used. With most companies offering a free print audit without obligation, it is a great way to assess whether you are using your devices to their best and it can also help to predict your future needs.

Why should you consider a print audit?

As an accountancy firm, you will want to spend as little time as possible organising your print set-up, as this only distracts your efforts from providing your clients with a top quality accountancy service. Letting a print expert review your in-house printers and photocopiers and assess how they work is a great decision that could lead to an important evaluation of your current processes.

This audit will aim to look at the exact figures of output to give a fair assessment of your accountancy firm’s printing to see if there can be any improvements. You may be interested in a particular area of your business; whether you wish to save money, lower your energy consumption, make environmental savings or increase security. All of these points will be considered during a print audit process.

The changes that could be implemented as the result of a print audit could be hugely beneficial. For those not already on a managed print service, this may be one key recommendation. A managed print service, in general terms takes care of all aspects of the print process, including maintenance, toner replenishment and machine monitoring. By letting a print solutions provider take care of this, your accountancy staff don’t have to.

What are the benefits of a print audit?

The assessment is one of the most accurate ways of making sure the accountancy firm isn’t spending more than is necessary. There is the possibility of implementing better equipment for lower costs; if you are working from older devices, they may not have all the features and security updates the firm now requires.

Accountants may need to keep documents or other materials confidential and new printers or photocopiers can ensure this is the case. Document security, password protection and encryption are all incredibly useful elements for a company of this kind. Simple software could even be added to an existing print fleet.

More and more firms are concerned about their environmental impact. Electricity consumption comparison can help you become a greener and more efficient company without your staff taking time out of their busy schedules to organise this themselves.

In the printing market, things are constantly changing. With new software and technology being developed all the time, it is essential to stay up-to-date, as this is when savings, both financial and time could be made.

If you want to ensure your printing output is as efficient as possible, contact Midshire today. Alternatively, visit them at Accountex 2016 on 11th and 12th May to find out all about new print solutions.

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