Justin Bieber in trouble again

Justin Bieber in trouble again

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Justin Bieber finds himself in trouble again in Mexico.

Justin Bieber finds himself in a spot of trouble again after he was reportedly asked to leave an archaeological site in Mexico with his entourage on Thursday.

An official at The National Institute for Anthropology and History said that they had to asked Bieber to leave after he attempted to climb one of the ruins on the site, but did not specify what one.

Visitors are allowed to visit some Pre-Hispanic pyramids in Mexico-but those considered vulnerable or unstable are either roped off or have a sign saying ‘No Entry on them to prevent visitors from gaining access to them.

Bieber, who is on holiday in Mexico, visited the 13th century Mayan site of Tulum on Mexico’s Caribbean coast on Thursday. It has also been reported that he pulled his pants down at the site.

Director of The National Institute of Anthropology and History said “I can confirm that Mr Bieber was kicked out of The Tulum archaeological site yesterday. He and his mates pulled his pants down and insulted the staff at the site.”

But it’s not all bad things to be heard about Bieber. He also visited a Maya ecotourism camp where a spokesman for them said “He was completely respectful. He expressed a lot of interest in the work we do to preserve the environment.”

The Canadian singer, who has recently turned his career around and has had massive chart success with his new album ‘Purpose’ has previously caused upset in Latin America over the past few years.

He has previously faced 2 criminal complaints and demands for refunds in Argentina as well as getting in trouble with the police for allegedly spraying graffiti on a public building in Brazil.

He was also accused of defiling the national symbol by dragging 2 Argentine flags off stage with his feet and a microphone stand during his concert at the River Plate stadium.


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