Is Frog Prince the fairytale best lipstick ever?

Is Frog Prince the fairytale best lipstick ever?

The search is over, the miracle lipstick has been found.

Is this the greatest lipstick ever?

While browsing through my emails, I found an email asking me to try out and review a new lipstick. As a self confessed lipstick addict, I immediately leaped at the chance to try out the lipstick (the perks up being a blogger, am I right?). I read the product details and thought, seriously? It’s green! And aptly named “Frog Prince” by the company Lipstick Queen.

Green is hardly my preference when it comes to choosing a lipstick for myself, but the fashion and beauty world were going crazy for this green lipstick, so I thought, why not give it a go?

I read a little further into the product details and found that this lipstick, while appearing green, will actually match your complexion and skin tone, by reaching to the pH in your lips, it will then transform into the ideal shade of rosebud pink, to perfectly suit you.


Women search high and low for a soulmate within the lipstick department, and this lipstick is the answer to your prayers. No more worrying if the colour is too bright, too dark, too bold, too dull; the shade is ideally matched to you and will therefore look great.


I tried the lipstick several times, because it literally seemed too good to be true (and because I couldn’t believe this green shade was turning my lips pink!). Pink is the perfect colour for the summertime as it will subtly compliment your daily make up, for work and for casual wear.

Another bonus of this product is the fact it’s enriched with vitamin E and will keep your lips protected and hydrated this summer. I recommend you treat yourself to this everyday product, via their website here.

This lipstick, is every lipstick obsessed girl’s eureka moment!


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