Two and a Half Men: Charlie Harper’s Top 8 Girlfriends

Two and a Half Men: Charlie Harper’s Top 8 Girlfriends

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We have seen Charlie Harper of Two and a Half Men date lots of women, but there are 8 in particular that stand out to us.

Charlie Harper (the star of the first eight seasons of the TV show Two and a Half Men, played by Charlie Sheen) dated a lot of women during his life: from gorgeous, innocent girls to married gold diggers. But I think every fan of the show can agree that Charlie had at least eight girlfriends who were our favourites – let’s name them!

1. Chelsea

Chelsea Melini was Charlie’s fiance for a while, but eventually they realised that it wasn’t going to work out. At Charlie’s funeral, Chelsea revealed that Charlie gave her an STD. Chelsea was another one of his one-night-stands, and he soon realised that he couldn’t stop thinking about her and then the one-night-stand evolved into a relationship. Although she was controlling, she was persistent in making him a better man, and, of course, she got along with Charlie’s brother and nephew very well – maybe a little too well. Everybody could see the significant change Chelsea had made to Charlie’s life, proving to everyone that he was capable of commitment. Despite the insecurity, on his part, and the arguments, Chelsea made him into a better man.

2. Mia

Mia was yet another woman who unsuccessfully tried to change Charlie into a better man. Whilst having coffee with his brother, Charlie spotted her and, of course, hit on her. Mia showing no interest whatsoever caused Charlie to grovel for a date with her, by blackmailing his nephew to take a dance class that she teaches. Eventually, he got his date, but it went further than sex, they actually ended up in a committed relationship, much to everybody’s surprise. Mia was good for Charlie, although he was angry at how much she tried to change him – she was targeting every single one of his flaws. She finally accepted that she shouldn’t change him, and they broke up when Mia said that the two getting married meant Alan moving out, and Charlie was using not kicking his brother out on the streets as a way to avoid a huge commitment.

3. Kandi

Kandi and Charlie had a very casual sexual relationship before she met Alan and ended up marrying him. I don’t think Kandi was supposed to survive in the series as long as she did, but she was such a loved character there is no way they could have gotten rid of her! Kandi is cute as a button but dumb as a bat, and that’s what drove Charlie to be attracted to her, because she was easily fooled, but marrying Alan brought out the ‘good side’ to her, she may not be the brightest tool in the shed but she made Alan happy and she was a good laugh. Personally, I think she was a brilliant character. Two and a Half Men would not have been the same without Kandi.

4. Lisa

Oh, Lisa, the first woman to bring out the good in Charlie Harper. Lisa was Charlie’s on-and-off girlfriend, and he constantly went to great lengths to prove his love for her and to prove that he is capable of significant change. Lisa never tried to change him or tell him to be something he wasn’t, she loved everything about him, including his quirks, but she was sick of being in a relationship that was, and I quote, ”doomed to fail.” Lisa was beautiful, funny, smart, everything that Charlie wanted in a girlfriend, and she had the ability to break his heart.

5. Mandi

Charlie met Mandi when she turned up at the house looking for Kandi, and when Charlie remembered that she was recently divorced, he decided to take a shot at her. They had a very short, casual relationship based only on sex, but Mandi was very much like her daughter, Kandi – except for the brains, of course. Mandi was smart and funny and very much Charlie’s type. They didn’t really label themselves boyfriend and girlfriend, but they did have a ”fling” and it’s a shame nothing evolved from there.

6. Rose

The Rose-Charlie relationship was very complicated – she was his stalker, then his friend, then his girlfriend, then his wife. Rose was stalking him for years before they became friends, and eventually he realized that he was in love her with, and they got married right before he died. Despite a very complicated relationship after a one-night-stand, Rose and Charlie were very good together. Who would’ve thought that a stalker would make a brilliant wife?

7. Isabella

She may have been terrifying and creepy, but Isabella was still one of Charlie’s best girlfriends. Isabella was a satanist who Alan believed was cursing him, and when Charlie realized that he was right it was too late. She had made threats to create a curse that would ‘shrivel his manhood’. All was going to plan for her until Evelyn showed up – turns out, Isabella isn’t afraid of anything or anyone, but when it comes to Evelyn, she runs as fast as she can. Who can blame her? Who knows why Isabella is one of Charlie’s best, maybe because she’s incredibly gorgeous or because she was the funniest or the most interesting…

8. Melissa

Melissa is another woman who Charlie got to first and Alan got to second. Of course, I’m sure we all prefer Melissa with Alan, but in the short time she was having a casual relationship with Charlie we couldn’t help but hope it would last as long as possible. Melissa was the cute, innocent, friendly type who was also undeniably beautiful. She was left heartbroken when Charlie broke up with her, but thankfully she ended up with his brother, Alan.

Who was your favourite?


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