Sherlock Trailer Review: The Game Is On!

Sherlock Trailer Review: The Game Is On!

The new Sherlock special trailer gets pulses racing as ghost story line is revealed!

Another trailer for the upcoming Sherlock Christmas special has been released, and it doesn’t look like it is not going to disappoint! The minute and a half long trailer was first shown after The Great British Bake Off final on BBC 1 at 9pm (Wednesday 7th October), before immediately making an appearance on various social media sites, such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, with loyal fans of the show sharing their views on the trailer of the much loved drama.

Tension is immediately built with dramatic background music, alongside a very stern looking Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch) in the living room of 221b. The scene then cuts to a Victorian style Baker Street, with absolutely stunning visuals, creating a truly authentic Sherlock Holmes feel.

The pace of the trailer is then picked up as a series of eerie shots are cut into a fast paced montage, with mentions of ghosts being a central part of the story line and the general feel of the trailer sending shivers down your spine. The cinematography is also second to none, with every aspect of the trailer, from the costumes to the misty backdrop of the scenes, oozing a brilliantly chilling victorian feel.

With details about the special being kept on the down low, It has been uncertain which stars will be appearing in the new feature length episode, but a number of the show’s firm favourites can be seen in the clip, including Detective Inspector Lestrade played by Rupert Graves, who is seen sporting an impressive pair of sideburns! The lovable Mrs Hudson played by Una Stubbs and Mary Watson played by Amanda Abbington.

And although we will be seeing the consulting detective in his usual era and not the modern day Sherlock we all know and love, Creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat have very much stayed true to the show’s uniqueness, with the same witty dialogue being penned in for the special. I highly anticipate that this special will be one you won’t forget in a hurry, with a knock-out cast, ingeniously written script and a new mind boggling case to solve, what is their not to like?!

Take a peek for yourself (Link below) The game is well and truly on!

SOURCE Sherlock Twitter Page
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