Ariana Grande reveals secret about Dangerous Woman outfit

Ariana Grande reveals secret about Dangerous Woman outfit

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After hearing this about Ariana's ''Dangerous Woman'' outfit, we may just love her even more!

Ariana Grande recently revealed a secret about the outfit she has to wear for the album ”Dangerous Woman,” and it’s nothing you would ever expect…

Ariana has to wear a skintight ensemble for her album artwork, and even though it seems sexy and glam, it’s not so sexy when Ariana is getting into the outfit.

The 22-year-old singer wears a latex ensemble, consisting of a black corset and a face mask with bunny ears. But she does need some help to squeeze into her outfit. ”To get into my Dangerous Woman outfit, they were like: Okay! Time to lube you up.” Ariana said. ”I was like, ‘Excuse me?’ and they said ”Yeah! We gotta lube you up to get you in!” I was like: ”Wait, are you serious?””

Ariana laughed, admitting that this was ‘the funniest thing in the world’ whilst being interviewed. Oh, Ari, we may just love you even more than we did before!

And speaking of Dangerous Woman, if you haven’t heard the single yet you have to hear it! I mean, all of the lube trouble Ari went through to look good for her fans on her album artwork better be worth it!

We’ve been getting Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram snippets from Ariana of her new album, and millions of fans are excited. But now she has something to laugh about with her fans on the ”Dangerous Woman” subject! However, when I first saw the photo my mind wandered into curiosity about how on earth she got into that suit, and now it’s out there, folks!


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