The new dating app, Bro

The new dating app, Bro

These days you would think coming out the closet would be a lot easier, with the legalisation of gay marriage and the stigma highly reduced when it comes to being a homosexual. Please don’t get me wrong though, there are still people who hate the fact that gay people exist and have their belief system set to the 1960s with their warped sense of the “norm”.

However these days with apps such as Grindr and Tinder, you would think it would be even easier to be yourself and get yourself out there; I have met some very interesting people through such apps who I still keep in contact with today. However it seems that a new app has just hit the market and has started to grow in followers over the past few weeks. Yes, ladies and gentlemen I am talking about “Bro”.

Now you might think Bro sounds new and inventive but it really isn’t. In fact it just so happens to be another way in which gay men can hide behind the advancements of modern day technology. Yes, Bro is a new app in which gay or as the apps intended market “Straight” men can join in order to find other like minded bros. Although after looking at the app it seems that most of the users are Grindr frequenters, one person goes as far as to write on his profile, “can we all just admit that we got bored of the queens on Grindr and came over here, let’s hope they don’t also follow”.


So has the dating become a chore? Do we as homosexual beings find new ways to hide in plain sight or are we just looking for new ways to spice up our lives? One thing is for sure, with the advancements made in the modern world anything is far from easy.

Thank for reading and check out my other articles for more interesting and controversial reads. Let me know what you think about dating apps in the comments below, do you think they are a waste of time and have gone way to far or do you think it makes life that little bit easier; I mean who doesn’t like the idea of a quick date on your phone and less effort getting ready am I right?


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