Migrant malaise: Over 200 asylum claimers sue the German government

Migrant malaise: Over 200 asylum claimers sue the German government

The Refugee authorities appear undecided towards migrant's asylum application.

Germany’s government authorities confirmed that the checking process at their borders seems to be an endless task as the refugee arrivals remains at high levels. The open-door migrant policy they currently have in place is being sued by more than 200 asylum seekers because they believe the country is taking too long to proceed their asylum applications.

Having received information from court sources, the German press have reported that BAMF (Germany’s refugee authorities) usually rush the procedures if legal authorities are involved. However, this no longer seems to be the case if recent events are anything to go by.

German president Joachim Gauck, like many other politicians in Germany, claims diminishing the number of asylum seekers may need to be a priority, pointing that refugee influx should be limited. Gauck said, at the Davos Conference, that migration limits are not unethical but they help to maintain the society’s acceptance and avoids future issues from immigrants.

Still, more than a million arrivals entered last year and 360,000 asylum applications have been made in total so far this year. Yet this doesn’t seem to be too much of a number for chancellor Angela Merkel despite angry calls from the public for something to be done. She is struggling between the open-door policy and the public’s growing concerns which appear to be increasing. Merkel has yet to mention anything about limiting the number of migrant arrivals.


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