Celebrities who look amazing without makeup

Celebrities who look amazing without makeup

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Celebrities like to put on make-up to make themselves look better for the camera, but what about those who always look camera-ready?

When you look at a celebrity and you automatically despise them because they’re so hot, you hope that they aren’t so hot without makeup, right? Well, you can carry on being super jealous of these celebrities because they are just as gorgeous naturally!


Rihanna is and always will be queen of beauty and music! Everyone knows how beautiful Rihanna is with makeup on, but I wonder how many people know that she is just as flawless without makeup. As you can see, the photo on the right is Rihanna posing in a dress with her hair and makeup done; the photo on the left shows Rihanna in casual Nike clothes with no makeup and what appears to be completely natural hair. I think seeing the 27-year-old singer causally should become a thing, she doesn’t need makeup whatsoever!

Vanessa Hudgens

Everyone knows that Vanessa has incredible skin and a beautiful smile, but you’d imagine that everything looked flawless because of makeup, right? Wrong! It’s all natural beauty. When Vanessa was caught by camera walking around looking completely natural, the ”High School Musical” actress looked even better without makeup, if that’s even possible.

Demi Lovato

Now, I don’t usually have a ‘woman crush Wednesday’, but if I did, it would be Demi Lovato without a doubt! Of course, it’s no surprise that she looks incredible without makeup since she came up with #NoMakeupMonday and #FreshFaceFriday on Instagram and Twitter and always posts photos of her fresh no-makeup face. The ‘Cool For The Summer’ singer uses her own skin cream ”Devonne by Demi” to keep her face looking gorgeous.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj always looks beautiful with her hair usually in crazy colours and gorgeous lipstick colours with her fake eyelashes on, too. Nicki without makeup, however, is just as gorgeous. The 33-year-old singer has shown off her fresh face plenty of times in ‘no makeup selfies’ and always looks beautiful no matter what she does. She is constantly proving that she doesn’t need makeup to look flawless!

Danielle Campbell

Danielle has been showing off her beauty since the first time she had a camera on her face, but who knew that was all natural? Without makeup and without plastic surgery, Danielle has always been eye candy. In 2010 when Danielle was in ”Starstuck” and in 2013 when she first appeared in ”The Originals”, Danielle hasn’t changed much and is still showing off her natural beauty. Are you jealous? I know I am!

Phoebe Tonkin

Yet another ”The Originals” star is shocking us with her natural beauty as she is caught on camera walking around without makeup and hair done. Phoebe has been known for her beauty for quite a while and has been known as people’s ‘woman crush’ – seeing her without makeup makes her look even more attractive! The ”H20: Just Add Water” star has grown up in front of the camera for quite a while now, and it doesn’t surprise me that she looks just as good naturally.

Katy Perry

Are you surprised? I’m not. Katy Perry is just as beautiful without makeup as she is with makeup, still showing off her cute dimples, flawless skin and beautiful smile. Even completely natural with her hair up she still manages to make guys everywhere fall in love with her. How does she do it? It’s confusing why the 31-year-old singer even bothers to wear makeup, she’s gorgeous without it!

Jennifer Aniston

Woah! Just when you think you couldn’t be any more in love with Jennifer Aniston, she shows you her natural face! Well, she has been on anti-wrinkle and skin cream adverts – but surely it’s not just me who was convinced she had makeup on? Well, if she did then there was no need! This photo has been on a list of people who look completely different without makeup – she doesn’t look different, she looks beautiful!

Cara Delevingne

Cara! I could almost hate you, you’re so beautiful! But it’s not possible to hate her, she’s so loveable! With or without makeup, Cara is killing it. I mean, she still has beautiful eyebrows – can you believe that?! The 23-year-old ”Paper Towns” actress is constantly seen with makeup, almost everybody has a crush on her, and if they see her without makeup, they will be even more in love with her. I know I am! Keep killin’ it, Cara!

Miley Cyrus

We have seen Miley Cyrus growing up on camera, so it’s not much of a surprise that when she is caught without makeup she is just as beautiful. It may be useful to point out that both of these photos are old, but I promise you that if you looked around for a recent photo of her without makeup it would be just as beautiful. The 23-year-old ”Wrecking Ball” singer is constantly posting Instagram photos of herself in her casual clothes, hair up and no makeup on, and I couldn’t be more jealous!

So there you have it, just because celebrities wear makeup doesn’t mean they can’t look good without it! The celebrities above rock the no-makeup-look and should show off their natural beauty a bit more often!

What celebrities do you think look incredible without makeup that I have left out? Should celebrities stop wearing makeup so often? Let me know what you think!


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