Women in Power: Taiwan’s first female president

Women in Power: Taiwan’s first female president

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Taiwan elects first female president

After eights years of the Nationalist party controlling the presidency, the Democratic Progressive party candidate Tsai lng-wen obtained the win after a historic one-sided election. The official announcement has yet been made, however the surveys that were taken after the voting polls closed told the story. Tsai ling-wen’s pre-approved victory is not the only iconic moment of Taiwan’s election. Nationalists’ hand of control has also been threatened for the first time in parliamentary elections with a groundbreaking record of 556 candidates fighting for the available 113 seats.

Everyone isn’t happy about this new swing of power as Beijing who feels that Taiwan is a vital piece of their territory has been vocal about their disdain. The DDP has always been in favour for Taiwan’s independence and since one of their candidates is heading to office something can finally be done about it. Beijing has explained they will take the land back by force and rumours swirl that missiles could be used if necessary.


Tsai lng-wen has a struggle cut out for her as she has to deal with the uphill battle of Taiwan’s democratic stance versus China’s strict one party state and mind frame. It will be interesting to see how she addresses such matters and delegates her wishes for her people. It seems overall the people of Taiwan wants a peaceful connection with mainland China so hopefully this is possible without war tactics on either side.


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