5 Warning signs: Don’t say “I Love You” too soon

5 Warning signs: Don’t say “I Love You” too soon

Five situations when not to drop the L word

Most of us been there.

You become wrapped into a new relationship that is spicy, fresh, and exciting. In your mind you feel as if the last few weeks been nothing short of amazing so you feel like its time to tell your partner “I Love You”. Standing there with a heart beating with anticipation to hear that sweet phrase back, but your lover just gives you an awkward expression…..yikes. The wave of joy that you felt mere seconds ago is now replaced with sheet of embarrassment, and confusion, honey you may have dropped the L word too soon.

If your beau standing there looking dazed and shocked is not enough for you to know that a mistake has been made, I am going to give you five situations where love is not yet needed.

1. You’ve only been dating for a couple of months


Sweetie listen, during this “honeymoon phase” where everything is flowers, candy, and sunshine you may think love is in there air, but every thought doesn’t have to be said. It’s a good chance that you’re mistaking love for lust and infatuation. These emotions pop up like popcorn in a microwave and if you don’t pay attention to what’s what you’ll quickly get burned.

2. You two don’t really know each other

If you are still learning his/her’s favourite food, preferred movie category on Netflix, and their biggest fear; the red stop light is still on for the love mobile. Take time to actually date and talk about the ins and outs of each other’s lives so you can actually decide if you are into the actual person or the idea of them.

3. Screaming it out during sex

This is a huge red flag and honestly a tacky way to announce your “love” for someone for the first time. The probability that you confessed your feelings the same time you climaxed is quite high. When your senses are being stimulated and everything is working out for a great time in the bedroom anything can be said and more than likely not said whole heartily.

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4. Been together for a while so it must be real

Okay so you two been together for a year maybe two or even three and you decide to say “I love you” and things don’t happened as planned. Well guys and dolls I am here to set the record straight, time doesn’t equate to genuine emotions and connections. You could be together simply because you’re comfortable and as nice as that is that’s all it could be.

5. Haven’t jumped the bones


This is pretty sad and kinda pathetic, but it happens. Some people (hopefully not you) use the sacred phrase to simply get in their other half’s pants. Don’t be this sleazy because it just cheapens your relationship if its not meaningful.

Hopefully these situations helps you rethink spilling the I love you beans. Remember when the time is truly right you will know until then just have a fun relationship and take it one day at a time.


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