The great vegan social media war

The great vegan social media war

Battleground Facebook

We vegans love to debate with omnivores – trying hard to bring them round to our way of thinking with graphic animal slaughter memes, photos of delicious looking vegan meals and statistical truths which most people, in all honesty, ignore.

However, enter a vegan Facebook group and the trouble really begins.

Here, free from the yawnsome “but what about bacon” comments, we are truly able to turn on each other – our keyboards red hot with fury words used as vicious bullets.

So, dear readers, without further ado, let us delve into the “trigger topics” that spark all-out war on social media tofu battlefields.

Parent companies. No not firms that trade in mums and dads, but companies which own vegan product lines. Big, bad corporations which, in the past, may have had serious run-ins with animal rights activists, now produce vegan goodies.

“But it’s not vegan to buy from animal torturers” cry some.

“But I scream for ice cream” yell others.

The former being the main bone of contention for one side, the other side points out that if more vegan food becomes mainstream it can only be a good thing.

The debate continues.

Vegan parents. Is it vegan to have children? As in giving birth, not eating them, of course!

“Humans are the most destructive creatures on the planets” is typed out in fury by many.

“But we need to produce more compassionate people” is the standard response. And so pram wars upsets the vegan apple cart on a daily basis.

Meat-eating partners. If your husband/wife/lover is not vegan then that in itself creates a furious response in some groups. “I could never sleep me an omnivore” cry some.

“But I love them” is the stock reply.

Isn’t romance simple in the world of social media?

Pets. Or animal companions to give them their vegan name. Should they be vegan too? “I could never buy meat” comments the exasperated vegan human companion.

“But it’s natural” replies the outraged vegan pet owner.

The dog just says “woof”.

Processed food. Yes dear friends, vegans can buy ready meals and takeaways too.

“But it’s not healthy” shout the fitness obsessed side.

“Any vegan food is better than dead flesh” is the counter.

Vegan food is becoming big business, but vegan rows are already big news in Facebook land.

Vegan personalities. The likes of Gary Yourofsky and Gary Francione are loved and loathed in equal measure as vegan thinkers. Plant-based celebrities provoke similar love/hate passions among the vegan online folk.

Activism. Yes, that’s right, there’s even disagreement on how to spread the vegan message. Forceful and direct, using graphic images and strong words, or softly, softly, using nice words and positive images of healthy vegans. Sometimes the debate is less healthy, sadly.

I’m sure there are more. But don’t let this put you off veganism – or even Facebook, but it does show that how ludicrous social media can be. So-called keyboard warriors can put off new vegans and make us look a bit silly to outsiders.

So please type responsibly.


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