Aidan Turner reveals plans for Poldark series 3

Aidan Turner reveals plans for Poldark series 3

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Aidan Turner accidentally reveals plans for series 3 of Poldark.

 The second series of the BBC drama Poldark has not yet aired but Aidan Turner may have just accidentally revealed plans for a 3rd series of the drama.

A trailer for the second series of Poldark was released earlier in the month, and is expected to hit our screens this Autumn on BBC One- Do you really have to wait that long?!

Aidan Turner, who won the Impact/TV moment award at The National Television Awards on Wednesday 20th January, accidentally let slip in an interview that filming had already been scheduled for the 3rd series of Poldark.

In the interview, Turner said: “We start shooting the third series, I believe, in September.” After his little mishap, he quickly added, “Oh no! I’m going to be in trouble. It’s possible we’re not doing that.” Yeah right!

The 32 year old actor received high praise for his role as Poldark. He also recently received more high praise for his role in the TV adaptation of Agatha Christies ‘And Then There Were None’.

Upon accepting his award at The National Television Awards on Wednesday, He said “I’m not sure why I’m here. I’m glad to be, and who knows, this might be the only one I get, so I’m delighted” We don’t think it will be Aidan!

When asked about series 2 of Poldark, Turner said: “I feel like the story moves quite a lot faster in the second series.” He also promised more nudity from him in the new series, something which will definitely make it easier to watch.

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