Be careful! Complaining colleagues may delay your life

Be careful! Complaining colleagues may delay your life

We all know someone who lives unhappy and dissatisfied with the work, contaminating the colleagues around them.

Who ever lived with someone who only complains at work? We all know someone who lives unhappy and dissatisfied with their work, contaminating colleagues around.

At the present moment I am going through this situation and I know how difficult it is to maintain a peaceful environment when you have someone looking to speak ill of the company, the boss, salary, hours, work, etc … To the point of taking away my peace and stressing me with such complaint.

For those who are going through the same situation, I advise you to depart from this problematic colleague. Do not let it contaminate you for the purpose of that person. Having an ally in trouble will only pull you down. And when you cannot avoid it, as in my case, kindly talk with the complainer without creating enmity. Suggest that they expose their problems to the manager if there’s something bothering them or, the easiest option, to just find a new job.

When I say without creating enmity, I mean to be very cautious when you talk to someone who has poor posture. One can interpret things wrongly, able to turn on you, suddenly turning you into a new target for complaint.

This article is more a warning, consider it a serious matter because many people have been laid off because they embraced the opinion of others, poisoned by so much negativity of an unfortunate colleague.

The problem is that the complainer digs a self-perpetuating grave and it becomes difficult and heavy to withstand routine because the negative climate hinders any professional, even one that is committed to giving the best. Don’t fall into their grave. Also, the habits infects without you realising it. Even those who do not have many reasons for dissatisfaction begin embracing the idea of ​​speaking ill of everything and everyone.

Complaining becomes a habit. Focusing on the negative also becomes a habit. It is one of the worst habits that you may have. It can make an impact on you socially, affecting personal happiness and can also subconsciously sabotaging your career and success.

As I mentioned before, the unfortunate fellow will pull you down, feeding on an idea that is not actually yours, stimulating anger and negativity within you. Successful people do not want to know these kind of people because they are a hindrance to progression.

To be part of the successful team be positive in everything you do, find solutions rather than problems.
There is no secret formula of complete happiness but there are options to ward off sadness and other improper feelings. Life cannot always be a bed of roses, but you can at least try planting the seed.

Instead of becoming an ally of someone like that, think about how positive getting the job was in the first place. Don’t forget that the job supports you financially! The pessimistic one’s idea will only corrupt your comfort zone. Become an ally of the successful, learn and be like them.

Which team do you want to be in? The complainers or the successful.

Carolina Farani
I Graduate in Social Communication ( marketing, publicity and advertising) and Post Graduate MBA in Marketing. I am formed as an advertising actress as well. What I love most is art and writing, in fact my life is pure art.


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