Tom Bleasby’s X-Factor shocker

Tom Bleasby’s X-Factor shocker

Tom's X-Factor drop out, exit stage right

So after the painful trials of the 6 chair challenge, Tom Bleasby has decided to give it all up. He won his chair close to the start and even got swapped at one point, although after an outcry from the audience, he was given another chair. Although he has now decided that due to “personal reasons” he is going to give up his chance to star on the big time show X-Factor and will not be joining Nick at the judges houses.

The X-Factor commented saying: “We can confirm that Tom Bleasby has chosen to withdraw from the competition due to personal reasons.” With Tom Bleasby adding: “Due to personal reasons I have decided to withdraw from The X-Factor. Thank you to all the Judges, especially Nick for his belief in me”.

Although we don’t know who is joining Nick at the judge’s houses for a while yet, its safe to say that it isn’t Tom. But what do we think, did Tom ever have an interest in the X-Factor or was it just a publicity stunt like his video duet with Jessie J, after all now he has actually sung with her in person what more could he want as now we know it isn’t the X-Factor.

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