Radical feminists take the #pissforequality

Radical feminists take the #pissforequality

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So-called feminists have fallen victim to a 4chan troll campaign purporting to be about equality and raising awareness of rape.

The internet can be cruel but not often do you see the true extent to this than in the very recent example of a 4chan troll campaign where ‘feminists’ were tricked into posting images of themselves peeing  themselves…as a form of equality with rape victims.

Yep. You read that correctly. There are pictures to be found, purely for your amusement, on Twitter (#pissforequality) and all over the internet, of women that have recently wet themselves and then were brave enough to post it.

Now I would like to take a minute and dissect the logic here. We should all be for women’s rights and equality but since when did men pee themselves? Is there an acceptable social norm where as a man I (and yes, I am enjoying this a little more than I should; scratch that, I am enjoying this just the right amount) can just decide to take a wizz in my pants because this is just an unfair male-dominated world? Maybe because I possess a penis, I just have this inalienable right to allow urine to pass through it without protecting my attire from it.

If this is so, then someone should have told me. All those times I paid 50p, I could have just saved myself a lot of time and peed my pants.

But all jokes aside, this was a perfect example of the bandwagon-jumping that is too common where people just want to be part of something instead of actually thinking about what it is they’re promoting and if this is the best way to do it.

Here are some tweets regarding the campaign…

And our favourite one…

For more of this, just go to the hashtag here.


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