What is Ben doing now?

So with the new season of X-Factor starting I was beginning to wonder what was going on with our previous winner Ben Haenow, I mean the winners don’t always do that well and sometimes don’t even bring anything out at all. However news on the grape vine is that a new debut album has been released and with the amazing Kelly Clarkson as a feature.

Now the white van driver was the champion of the X-Factor 2014 and with his victory single going number one with platinum in the UK so that he could buy his mum a house, it was all looking amazing but why has it taken this long to release anything? Well, we won’t know unless the man himself gives me a call, an opportunity I wouldn’t pass up either.

Onto the juicy stuff though, Ben Haenow has released “Second Hand Heart” with Kelly Clarkson and I have to say it is amazing, seriously get on over to iTunes, Amazon or Spotify and have yourself a listen because wow you won’t be disappointed. Like most videos and music you can find it on YouTube but not yet, you will find loads of fake videos with noises you won’t want to listen to so for now folks you need to go to the source.

I have to give this single a big 4 stars, maybe a few more high notes because after all I know they can do it.


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