Film Review: Monsters

Film Review: Monsters

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Vertigo films not up to scratch

So let me start by pointing out a few things shall we, first I think we have all been stuck in a shop looking for a DVD and seen one for a low price and though what could possibly go wrong here. Well, that’s what I thought earlier while stood in ASDA picking out a few good looking £3 DVD’s from the shelves to watch this weekend, oh how foolish was I?

The second thing I would like to point out is that the Sunday Mirror, Empire Magazine, Heat Magazine and the Daily Express all need new recruits when it comes to films reviews, because there is no way this film would ever get the five star rating they all claim to rate it.

Monsters, is a film with a rather weak storyline; for 6 years monsters have been breeding and infecting a patch of land between Mexico and America. Monsters you hear, well that must be gory or scary right? No not really, only once do the monsters attack and you get to see an inch of bloodshed, the rest of the film is pretty harmless with little violence which is why the DVD is most probably rated a 12.

I would have to say that the films biggest flaw is the front cover of the DVD, misleading and exciting people, making it look like adventure and some awesome action packed sequences are to be in store, but not at all. The acting is also to be desired, with only two main characters you wouldn’t think it wouldn’t be that difficult to pull off right? Wrong. With Whitney Able playing Sam and the handsome Scoot McNairy playing Andrew Kaulder I was expecting a lot more although it looks like the budget just wasn’t there and nor was the effort.

Such a shame to see because this film had promise and normally Vertigo Films do so much better with their films – with the likes of Street Dance, Sweeney and the amazing Shrooms (which is sure to give you a trip and a half if you watch it).

Although I have ripped this film to pieces it wasn’t all bad, it did make me jump in several places and some of the breath taking views and areas in the film are awesome. However, overall I would have to give this film a very modest 2.5 stars because for me it just missed way too much, the dancing aliens were a little too out this world for me and that homeless woman just had me in stitches!

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