Kylie Jenner’s face transformation over the years

Kylie Jenner’s face transformation over the years

Kylie Jenner Then & Now Pictures

Over the years we have noticed Kylie Jenner looking different as she gets older and people have taken the main attention to her lips. Yes, her lips have got bigger (due to Lipliner she wears) but also her hair has changed, and her body shape has changed. This is just a part of growing up.

It’s interesting to see how much she has changed over the years in these pictures though.

13 year old Kylie Jenner with her older sister who is 15 in this picture.


Kylie Jenner at 14, already looking so different in such a short amount of time.


15 year old Kylie, looking glamorous with voluminous wavy hair, wearing all black with a bold lipstick.


Kylie at 16, starting to wear more makeup, has died her hair black and the pout is slowly creeping up on us.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 22.32.27

Kylie Jenner finally at 17, you would think she’s way older!


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