5 fun Halloween costumes for women

5 fun Halloween costumes for women

Because nurses and cheerleaders are sooo last year...

Halloween fun doesn’t end when you grow up, it gets better. You can use it as an excuse to get even drunker than usual whilst dressed like a creepy super-slut. Yippee!





  1. A naked Sim character

Everyone loved The Sims, right? Everyone loves being naked, right? Then you should attempt the “naked Sim” costume – you can make it yourself which means it will cost a hell of a lot less than if you were to buy a ready-made costume. This also means more money saved to be spent on tequila. ;)



  1. Moira – American Horror Story

This costume will leave men drooling and women wishing they had read this article before they bought their frumpy zombie costumes. Maid outfits are so readily available to buy online and in stores so the hardest part of this will be tucking your hair into a short red wig and attaching your suspenders to your stockings properly! To incorporate old Moira into this outfit, wear one red contact lens to imitate the eye that she was shot in and if you have no idea what I’m talking about then stop reading this and go watch Season 1 of American Horror Story on Netflix, you terrible person.



  1. Witches – American Horror Story: Bitchcraft

This is perhaps the most wallet-friendly Halloween costume as it involves everyday clothes that you probably have lying around in your wardrobe somewhere (more money saved for alcohol again ;) ). Just throw together a long-sleeved white shirt, plain black skirt, black hat and pair of black heels and you’re good to go! This works well with a group of girls as you can go as the whole Coven. Erm hello #squadgoals



  1. Zombie Regina George from Mean Girls

This is a classic. Cut small boob holes in a white vest top and wear a purple bra underneath. Don’t forget a blonde wig, a DIY “burn book” and some fake blood to add the finishing touches to Regina George’s soo fetch undead look.


  1. Elsa from Frozen

Everybody knows of Frozen so this costume will get a lot of attention. Add white contact lenses, fake blood and the Elsa style blonde wig to a long blue dress and you’re good to go. Cut the dress shorter and add white stockings to give it a risqué look and be sure to scare young Frozen fans on your way out to make the most out of this costume. Get one of your friends to go as Ana to make it even better! Did someone say #bffgoals ?


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