Rainbow bagel now way too popular

Rainbow bagel now way too popular

We already heard bizarre American ideas, but this is shocking!

The new madness of New York city is the rainbow coloured bagel that are so creamy that people can have a feeling that they are plastic creations. But they are not!

The Bagel Store first made these bagel-monsters full of sugar, which are so unrealistically colourful that even a Barbie doll would be jealous of them.


The new bagel became really popular in New York. The shop now sees very long queues before the doors are even open as people line up to get their first sweet bagel.

In the last few days the popularity has become so big that they have more than 1000 orders, forcing the shop to close. The shop originally said it would be temporarily closed for renovations but on Feb 16th it announced that its Bedford Avenue location would be “closed indefinitely”.


Scott Scolio, the owner of The Bagel Store, makes his work of arts with full of passion and has been doing so for 20 years. He grew up next to a bakery and then he found himself in the bagel business. He said he doesn’t drink or use drugs, his only addiction is the bagel. He individually hand-rolls every bagel with only a few other bakers. Sometimes, he and his colleague LaBarbara carpool home together and personally deliver orders to Brooklyn residents.


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