Galloway Fudge: Satisfy your love for fudge this Christmas

Galloway Fudge: Satisfy your love for fudge this Christmas

Great fudge and a discount code inside

If you love to treat yourself, family or friends at Christmas and for once have stopped counting calories keep on reading. I am going to bring you some of the best sweet treats around that will make your Christmas that bit more magical and with that affordable. It doesn’t get any better than that. Shall we commence?

Now you might remember my recent Brighton Comic Con article and if you do, you will remember this company and hopefully have checked them out, but for those of you who still haven’t let me open your eyes. The Galloway Fudge Company, to put it bluntly, are amazing. After buying two boxes of their fudge – just to make sure I liked it all – I was sold. They have every flavour you can imagine, if I was you though, I would buy large quantities of the marshmallow fudge accompanied by the mint swirl!

With their home made fudge at the top of my Christmas list, they have been helpful enough to let everyone know via their website that you have till the 10th December to order your Christmas goodies, wait one second while I go place a few orders! They use PayPal as well so it’s nice and easy to use. Don’t let me get carried away with their fudge though because they also have amazing mouth-watering marshmallows, tablet and macaroons. I implore you to get over to their website right now and check them out, they also offer everything Gluten free and apart from the marshmallows it is all suitable for vegetarians!!


Before you head on over to their website let me just list a few of the stunning marshmallows at your disposal. Mint choc chip, double chocolate chip, toasted coconut and my favourite banana split! Remember if you are worried about allergies, like most products, there may be traces of nuts but unlike most products they are gluten free – my sister is going to love them!

Now before you run off to the amazing Galloway Fudge website we have a special treat for you all! Not only do they have unbeatable low prices for such amazing products, the folks at Galloway fudge have decided to let me give all you amazing readers a 10% discount with this code (dailynewsservice) minus the brackets of course. You will get a 10% discount off your purchase, excluding postage – this means you can buy even more!

Thank you for having a read and get yourself over to the website to order some delicious treats for your Christmas or just because of your love for fudge! Don’t forget you have till the 10th December to order your treats in time for Christmas and till the 31st December to use that nifty discount code to get 10% off on your shop, excluding postage although the postage is dirt cheap anyway! Enjoy!


Remember my sweet treats articles for Christmas are based on the small companies that make the best treats, not Asda or Tesco where the money goes into the pocket of the C.E.O or investors but back into the company, the product and our hearts! Thank you for supporting local small business owners!


If you liked this article then please check out my others for more interesting reads, if you got some fudge of marshmallows leave a comment and let us know how they were!


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